Severus Snape. That Is All.

Severus Snape!

I have nothing original to say today, but yesterday, thanks to Theresa Milstein, I discovered these satirical Harry Potter film posters.

I re-posted a few of the Snape ones on my Facebook wall and Theresa called me on it (what she actually said was "I had no idea you had such a crush on Severus"), to which my reply, in writer-speak, was "he has the greatest character arc".

And it's true, he does. I'll never again recapture that moment when I first discovered, along with Harry, Snape's true motivations, but each reread makes me cry all over again.

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li said…
Snape is one of my favorite characters, simply because he kept me guessing as to his motivations - and I guess because I find a certain amount of snarkiness appealing.
Sarah McCabe said…
Those are hilarious!

I admit to having a huge character crush on Snape. Though I don't imagine him played by Alan Rickman in my head, he's pretty good too. ;)
Jenny Maloney said…
Snape is the BEST Harry Potter character. He was my fave before I read the telling chapter (Just Knew He Wasn't A Bad Guy).

Though, I really love Ginny too and I don't think she gets enough air time in the books or the movies.
Ha! What a surprise post to come to! Now you've made me laugh two days in a row.

My favorite poster is the one that makes fun of a certain book that has sparkling beings in it.

Snape DOES have the best character arc. I recall the hype before the 7th book came out. I have pin that says, "Snape - good or evil?" I always believed in him.
Mohamed Mughal said…
You have nothing original to say? I don't believe that for one're being modest.
Len Lambert said…
LOL! Love them. Thanks, Deniz :)
Anonymous said…
Snape, Snape, Severus Snape. ;) I remember I imagined him with a huge head and veins shooting out of his forehead. . . I realized I was wrong. Love him!
He was such a great character. I miss those books coming out every couple of years like crazy!!
Deniz Bevan said…
I agree li!

It's true, Sarah, I wouldn't have pictured Alan Rickman, but he does it very well. Everyone in the movies looks exactly like they do in the books!

You're right Jenny, I like Ginny a lot, too. I could have also used more of Lupin.

I'd like that pin, Theresa! These posters are hilarious.

Aw, thanks Mohamed [s]

Ha ha, Madeline - veins? That's really funny [s] Though maybe when he gets angry enough...

I miss the constant books too, Pamela. Especially hanging around waiting for same day delivery on Saturday and then reading all weekend.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks for coming by, Wendy!

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