Working Really Hard!

Zounds! It's nearly nighttime and I still haven't updated my ROW80 status. This time, I don't even have excuses - I've been working all weekend!

Finally cracked 140,000 words; I'm at 139,932 at the moment and hopefully going down. Only 50 pages left to go of square bracket and highlight clearing and then I'll have a clean manuscript to read.

A little daunting, actually.

Out of the 10 Reasons Why Writers Might Drink, number 6 is the most like me: "You're sure you've finished polishing your manuscript. Sure. Positively, absolutely sure. Then you see the phrase 'this writing sucks, this writing sucks' mid-way down page 53."

This is what I'm scared of; what if I go back to reread the whole story and find it's awful?

But no, no room for that sort of thinking. Must... keep... going... Butt in chair, right? That's the only way to finish a novel.

Hope everyone's had a great (writing) week! For inspiration: