Third Writers' Platform-building Campaign and Other Social Networks

Rachael Harrie's Third Writers' Platform-building Campaign began on 22 August and sign up is open until 31 August. I took part in the second Campaign and had a blast - Rach's got great challenges, and organizes the event so well; it was an exciting way to meet fellow blogging writers. There are prizes, too!

The other day Nathan Bransford asked about social networks. I've never listed all mine before; let me give it a try (I hope all the links work):

LinkedIn (I didn't realise how much Turkish I had on here!)
Library Thing (all linked at the bottom of this page)
Myspace (hardly ever updated)
Facebook (my author site, Whisky Trench Riders)
Compuserve Books and Writers Community
Knitting Blog

And NaNoWriMo, in season. If I joined Twitter and what not, I'd never get any writing done!

Which social networks are you on?

Meanwhile, Rachelle Gardner has a detailed round up of advice on How To Market Your Book.

And Indie Book Blowout is coming on 2 September! 99¢ books all weekend!


Michael Offutt said…
I love the "R" that you has such nice flows and curls to it. Ah the social networks...for the record...the movie of the same name had really despicable people in it.
li said…
I joined a bunch, but jettisoned many when I found I really had no constructive use for them (like Google+).

So, I'm on Twitter, Triberr, and StumbleUpon.
I also joined a few targeted sites like Friday Flash and Inkpop.

Not too bad! I enjoy Twitter because I can just pop in and say hello to so many people without getting tied down in hours of chat when I should be doing something else.
I never thought of it. I don't think my list is as long as yours. Here's mine:

2 blogs, Goodreads, Facebook, Google+, and Linked In.
Trisha said…
One of these days I'm going to have to create a Facebook writer page.
Nas Dean said…
Hi Deniz,

Oh my list is loooong! Shelfari, Goodreads, LibraryThing, Twitter, Facebook, Blog, and more!

I post book reviews on more than ten different sites.
Zan Marie said…
My list is long enough and keeps me too busy to write sometimes.

Facebook--personal and author
Blog (and versious campaigns, contests, following others, etc.)
Compuserve Books and Writers

I get tons of requests for LinkedIn, but I'm holding off for the time being. I'd *never* get anything done. ; )
yikici said…
Heya Deniz, it's good to see you part of the campaign :) -I get excited when I see familiar faces as well as new :)
Glynis said…
You have a varied list there, Deniz. I have cut back on some of my social media places but have kept FB and Twitter. I love to watch historical drama series on youtube. I have G+ now but only remember it now and then. Like you, if I played all day I wouldn't get any writing done!
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks for commenting everyone! Gotta say, it was nice to spend less time checking in to things like FB while on vacation...
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks for commenting everyone! Gotta say, it was nice to spend less time checking in to things like FB while on vacation...

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