Claire Reminds Us To Shower, or, How To Take A Break and Live To Tell About It

So I was on vacation. Three weeks, in which I logged on to the internet for maybe half an hour every three days, just to watch my lovely, pre-scheduled blog posts go up. Oh, how lazy I was.

The only bit of work I did was editing Out of the Water. And wow, did that thing need editing. It's the first time since I finished drafts 1 through 4 (or whatever number I might be at by now) that I'd read the whole thing straight through. Not that I'm done, by any means.

Working during a vacation - especially when there's sunshine and sand and sea involved - does not come easily.

Drinks by the water? I'm there!

I've got roughly 50 pages left to go, and then comes Part Two: Entering the Scribbles. A lot of it, thankfully, is pure deletion. Yay for a descending word count!

All that being said, please, everyone, while you're keeping your Butt in Chair, heed Claire LeGrand's advice: Remember to Shower.

Huge congratulations and confetti rains go to Kristen Callihan, who's gathering NYT bestselling author blurbs for her upcoming release, Firelight. Check it all out on agent Kristin's blog. I love her description of Firelight: "dark gothic Victorian historical romance with an unusual paranormal twist".

Those genre-defying books are always the best ones.

Oh, and these are for you, Joy; market that takes place every Tuesday near Kadınlar Denizi, Kuşadası, Turkey:


li said…
It's always geat to take a breather, be lazy, and enjoy life! Glad you took the time :-)
Zan Marie said…
Take a breather, but don't let it become your way of life. ; ) I'm prone to the opposite problem--I love permanant vacations.

I *love* your pics!
Carolyn Abiad said…
I love the pazar! Sigh. Maybe I should visit my local farmer's market for a fix.
Nadja Notariani said…
Deniz ~
First of all - the images are just great! So much color, and I can almost feel the summer warmth just by looking...sigh. It's been raining and dreary here for about three days now. Where's my Indian Summer??
I'm going to adopt your 'Butt In Chair' tag. I like it. I'll be practicing that move now that my boys are off to school. And I'm home alone!! Ohhh, I keep thinking of all the work I hope to accomplish during these quiet mornings/afternoons.
Congrats on reading through your novel - all the way - no stopping! You're making progress. Take care ~ Nadja
Julius Cicero said…
I know what you mean about getting away, I just spent the weekend in Erie. We had loads of fun, but I was unable to write. I love the pictures, by the way. The colors are remarkably vibrant.
Carol Riggs said…
Oh yes, those breathers can be a life-saver! But I can still often think about my novel or writing while I'm off supposedly taking a break. ;) Keep up the great work on the edits!
Michael Offutt said…
I don't preschedule my blog posts mostly because I write them at the last moment. I should get them done ahead of time but I procrastinate something fierce.
Trisha said…
Hey Deniz, you have been tagged with a 'meme' ;)
Talli Roland said…
I don't even try to write on vacation. You've very brave!

Love the pics!
D.J.Kirkby said…
Those photos are gorgeous! I came by to see what you had written for the first campaign challenge but I can see tha tyou have been very busy doing other things :)
Naina Gupta said…
You may have had some lazy days, but at least you made the effort to write pre-written posts.
Al said…
What a fantastic market!
Something like that adds great colour
Tara said…
I can't wait to get my hands on Kristen's book!!
Vicki Tremper said…
Love markets and drinks by the sea (or anywhere really) while on vacation! Sounds lovely. Yes, that makes it harder to work at the same time, but you fit it in where and when you can (like on the airplane).

I did remember to shower this morning before putting my butt in this chair. Anyone else?
Anonymous said…
Ha! When I'm on a vacation, my blog is too. :) Thanks for sharing the photos. Looks like you had a lovely time.
Crystal Collier said…

Edits are my favorite part--where everything really comes together and there's no more questioning "Can I actually get this book written"?

Turkey, you're on the dream list!
Susan Fields said…
That blurb does sound good! And good luck with your editing. :)
Lynda R Young said…
Sounds like you got a lot done despite being on vacation. I love the pics.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thank you li and Zan Marie!

Farmer's markets are great too, Carolyn!

Thank you Nadja! Quiet mornings are the best time to write. Except for 3 am, of course...

Thank you Julius and Carol!

I do that too, Michael. This was the first time I'd done that many blog posts in advance.
Deniz Bevan said…
Ooh, thanks Trisha!

Thanks Talli! Writing's easy - editing was hard!

The challenge post is up now, D. J. :-)

Thanks Naina. Now I've just got to catch up with the rest of you!

Thanks Al!

Me too Tara. Just can't wait.
Deniz Bevan said…
It's easier to remember to shower on day job days, Vicki [g]

Thanks cm!

I've got to learn from you, Crystal - I've got to approach edits with more willingness!

Thanks Susan. Still tweaking...

It's hard to come back to real life, Lynda :-)
Tia Bach said…
So much of who we are as writers is defined when we appreciate the moments, and a good shower never hurts! Lovely update.

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