Random Photos From My Vacation That Relate To My Novel

Yes, that's right, it's a photo blog today!
What about your ROW80 goals, I hear you ask. What about your August goals on the Forum?

Hmm, yes. I was supposed to edit the novel while I was on vacation, wasn't I?

Editing, yes, yes... [insert wise authorly chin stroking]

Out of 276 manuscript pages of Out of the Water, I have a little less than 100 left to fix/slash/change. Better than nothing, no? Editing on the plane is a lot harder than I thought (planes make author sleepy. Hey look, free drinks!).

Forget that, let's move on to the photos! And thank you to everyone who commented on my blog posts while I was away; I promise to come around and visit all of you!

Where Rosa lands at Scala Nuova...

Sunset as they leave...

Trying to capture an authentic photo without any anachronistic cruise ships in the shot...

The Galata/Genoese Tower. Rosa lives in this neighbourhood.

Brother Arcturus' church in the Galata neighbourhood.
This really is a 15th century church that's still standing. Unfortunately inaccessible on the day I visited.

The view from the tower. Rosa never goes up the tower, of course, but would see this view from the top of the hill. Please concentrate on the Topkapi Palace in the centre of the photo and ignore all the modern buildings!

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