Fun Links, News and Atkinson-Laurie-Shakespeare

Followers! Nearly 300 followers!

Can you tell I'm blushing bright red? I'd like to thank each and every one of you.

And of course there will be prizes!

In other news, beta revisions are progressing nicely - and I've got a pile of handwritten pages for the new novel, and lots of ideas heading into NaNo!

Until then, I leave you with these links:

Word Wenches: eight historical authors who share a blog. Featuring a little history, a little wordplay and a lot of wit.

Jill Murray: YA author currently leading a workshop on crafting YA stories. And very generously sharing her workshop notes!

And, if it's been too long since you read something new about Jamie Fraser or Lord John, and you don't mind spoilers, come by the forum, where Sarah and Sheila celebrated their birthdays with an awesome big (a special form of begging designed to elicit a snip from Diana Gabaldon): a bigging cake! Who know how the next bigger will top that?

Finally, are you in the throes of editing? Perhaps being requested to make changes you're not sure you agree with? Why not bargain with the editor, as Shakespeare once did:


Melissa Bradley said…
Thanks for the awesome linkage! I loved that little video, it's awesome. I wouldn't mind begging Diana , either, for more Jamie. I have yet to start the Lord John books, shame on me.

Congrats on all the followers!! You have an awesome blog and though I don't get here as often as I'd like, I always look forward to seeing what you're posting. :)

Best of luck with NaNo. I'm not participating this year, but I hope you do a personal best. I know you'll finish with a great new novel.
KarenG said…
Congrats on hitting the big 3-0-0! I'm still on the fence with NaNo but think I'm going over.
Congrats on hitting 300 followers! And that Shakespeare sketch was a hoot. Loved it.

I'm on the last three chapters of edits for UNDER A VOODOO MOON. I'm quite excited. I want to have a sequel to LEGEND out for the Christmas season. May your Halloween be great, Roland
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks for coming by Melissa! Having just finished Lord John and the Plague of Zombies I have to say you're missing out on the Lord John books. And thanks for the wonderful support :-)

Thanks Karen and Roland - I'm still 8 followers shy, though! Good luck with your sequel, Roland!
Nas Dean said…
Congrats on hitting 300, Deniz! And thanks for the links.
Riya said…
I'm a new follower! Congrats on your growth to 300!

Thanks for the links!
N. R. Williams said…
Thanks for all the links.
alberta ross said…
love the video - must say i really enjoyed your REM3 challenge - great- will maybe see you in the mayhem of nano this month- all the best
Kerry Meacham said…
300! Awesome. Good luck in NaNo, and I'll see you there.~clink~
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the links, and good luck with NaNo! I still have 16 hours or so to decide, but I'm thinking it's not happening this year...
Madeleine said…
thanks for all these fab looking links. Off to investigate...
Michael Di Gesu said…
Congrats on 300!

Thanks for the great links and info!

I am so glad you liked my Rule of 3 posts, I am off to catch yours now... Sorry for getting hear so late,
Congratulations on the followers!

Thanks for the links. :)
Anonymous said…
Congrats on the followers and thanks for the links. Sadly, I haven't started any of the Lord John books yet...must rectify :)
Anonymous said…
Congrats on the many followers.

It's great news about the revisions. :)
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks Nas and Riya and Nancy!
I'm so glad you liked it, alberta.
Thank you Kerry, Joshua and Madeleine. It's so great to have you guys come by.
Thanks Michael and Eagle and Medeia! I'm only 6 away from 300...
Oh my yes, Raelyn, you must read Lord John :-)

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