Jessica Bell's Amazon Chart Rush, Take Your Child To A Bookstore, and Whisky Trench Riders

Author's helping authors! And all you lovely readers out there:

Help author Jessica Bell top the Amazon charts today with her debut novel String Bridge, and receive the soundtrack, Melody Hill: On the Other Side, for free!

Here're the links:

eBook on Amazon US and on Amazon UK.

Paperback on Amazon US and on Amazon UK.

In other book news, author Jenny Milchman has organized an annual Take your Child to a Bookstore Day for 3 December, and you can help spread the word!

Print the poster of the event and take it to your local bookstore, library or school - or any other place where children and books come together. Or simply spread the word about the event on your blog or other social media sites.

By the way, I just discovered an interview on PBS with Katherine Paterson.

And I'm finally posting as part of the NaNoWriMo Video Songfest!

In honour of NaNo, and to wish all writers good luck, here's a song called The Perfect Ending, by the Whisky Trench Riders, as featured on UK station Amazing Radio:

The first single off the first Whisky Trench Riders album is Driftin':

And while I'm at it, here's The Wandering Ragged Stranger:

Please post your own inspiration songs! What fuels your writing?


Anonymous said…
Whee...a little bit of everything in your post today :) Love the songs.

I've never heard of the "Take Your Child to a Bookstore" before and will definitely check it out.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Go, Jessica!

My inspiration song depends on the book. This time it's How Soon is Now? by Jim Morrissey. I hope I spelled his name right. I'm too lazy to check.

Happy weekend!
Claire said…
I build playlists on iTunes for different stories -- and I always have music on while I am writing. I have trouble writing without it, though to be honest it's probably more the ambient noises I'm writing to as one of my other favourite places to write is an airport. ^_~ But yesterday I was writing a funny little journal entry in my story which was about the fall of an ocean kingdom; naturally I decided to put on the album "Atylantos" to do it. Because it seemed appropriate. XD
Jon Paul said…
Great tunes, Deniz! Thanks for being a part of the Songfest!

Jolene Perry said…
I've been on a total Weezer kick lately for writing.
I'm working on a sort of dystopian/sci-fi love story thing, and their music is just quirky enough to work for me :D
Deniz Bevan said…
Glad to hear you love the songs, Raelyn!

Ooh, a Smiths song! Great pick Theresa.

Off to check it out, Claire. Airports, now that's a good idea. I can write easily in anonymous public spaces.

Thanks for the great idea Jon!

Sounds like a good mix Jolene!
Anonymous said…
I think it's a wonderful idea to have a day for taking children to bookstores.

Thanks for introducing me to Whiskey Trench Riders.

I've had The Killers on replay lately.
Talli Roland said…
A big yay for Jess!

Hm... can I say coffee? :)
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks for coming by Medeia!

Of course you can, Talli - I bribe myself with lattes all the time [g]
jenny milchman said…
Thanks so much for sharing the news about Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day--and leading others to it. I love your site and am so happy to have found it--very multi media!
Deniz Bevan said…
Thank so much Jenny! :-)

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