ROW80 Update, Book Links and a Book in the Wild!

Dropped off the internet for a day and a half while I was reading this:

Reading Diana Gabaldon's books is not only an exciting, touching, moving (funny and sad) experience, but also a great way, if one is an author, to fill up one's well of words and rhythm.

That said, I've got three big projects on the go at the moment: finishing the edits to Out of the Water; typing up the last few scenes of Ayten's story and adding some more; and completing the revision of my plot bunny story.

As for links, Adam Heine recently posted a comparative list of his novels and milestones. I've got too many to list here, and probably wouldn't remember the details accurately enough. But I did come across hilarious-to-read-now statistics I posted last August (2010) in reference to Out of the Water:

WIP Title: Out of the Water
Author: Deniz Bevan
Genre: YA historical, set in 1492
Stage: First draft, book 1
(53,000/ 70,000 words complete)

It was a month or so later that the book's genre changed to historical romance (the Cherry Hill houseparty was three months gone, and the Constantinople houseparty was in full swing), and that I realised 70,000 was hardly enough to tell the story. By June 2011 I had c. 140,000 words. Yet now I've got too many, and I've been cutting ever since. At 119,000 at the moment and going down...

Nadja's Twelve Days of Christmas has officially begun! Check out the list of awesome books and authors that are featured, and don't forget to leave a comment to win one of the featured titles.

Random Acts of Reading have an ongoing Books in the Wild series, and now I've got one, a book in its natural habitat - in Germany (though the book is in English)!

The giveaway in my last post continues until Wednesday!
So you still have time to comment and win one of four books.


Anonymous said…
I don't blame you for hiding out while reading Gabaldon, LOL. I'm still completely blown away by the fact she writes whatever scene comes to her and then pieces everything together later. And I completely agree she takes the reader on an emotional journey.
Nadja Notariani said…
I think I'll have to grab up that book - and add it to the mountain I have on my
I was sold at the word Scottish... ahem.
Nadja Notariani said…
Hmmm. Thanks for the suggestion. I have to say that I love the blurb - this book sounds like something right up my alley...but
The price for Kindle is quite high. $12.99 for a Kindle edition?
How did you feel about that price?
S.P. Bowers said…
112,000! Wow, you've been cutting. Good job, thought it kinda makes me sad and I'm wondering what you've cut out...
Romance Reader said…
I'm looking at all the books I have on my TBR to read this holiday!

Congratulations are in order, Deniz! You won the Tracy Sumner, two historicals on my blog. Check in Tracy's comments for instructions on contacting her.
Old Kitty said…
119,000 from 140,000!! Wow!! Go Deniz, Go!!! That's some monumental editing going on - yay for you!!

Thanks for all the fab links too!! Should keep me busy over Christmas! Yay! Take care
Nas Dean said…
Thanks for the recommendations! And good for all your editing!

Oh and congrats on winning TIDES OF LOVE & TIDES OF PASSION!
Glynis said…
Love DG's books. Stay busy and happy!
Deniz Bevan said…
I'm awed by her too, Raelyn!

Actually Nadja, I preorded The Scottish Prisoner ages ago and got the hardcover from Amazon for 14$. Trust me - Diana Gabaldon's one of the few authors where I buy the book the day it comes out, and don't even consider the price!

I'll miss my scenes too, Sara. But if ever I have fans who want to see outtakes, they'll be there :-)

Thank you Kitty, Nas and Glynis!!

And thanks so much, Romance, I'm so excited to have won!
Jemi Fraser said…
So many people love Galbadon's books - I definitely have to pick one of them up. :)
Sun Singer said…
I also enjoy the sound and cadence of Diana's writing. Always seem to be waiting for the next Outlander installment.

Anonymous said…
Wow, 3 big projects. Good balance and good luck!
Rek said…
Hands in so many pies...super busy or superwoman...good luck with the edits and endings.
I haven't read Diana books yet, may try soon...Winning books is thrilling especially good ones.
Deniz Bevan said…
Ooh, let me know what you think when you do, Jemi!

That's why I can't keep away from snippets, Malcolm :-)

Thanks Ryan and Rek!

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