The Teetering, Toppling To Read Pile

Books, books, and more books.

I have a plan. It involves lots of hard work on editing and preparing queries for Out of the Water, and printing and doing at least one read through of Verse, Venice and Viziers (which still needs a title change, as they're in Rome not Venice).

All of that will be done from now until 22 December. And then!

Ah, yes, and then. I'll be off work from then until 3 January. And the plan is: To Read. To plough through the To Read piles. To devour books at the rate I used to before I devoted time to my own.

See what I'm up against:

180 Books to read by 2015 (list on the left)

The pile in the closet:

The three piles and shelf by the bed, including rereads:

The pile at work:

And there are at least twenty other random books scattered about the house.

Here's one more! Our Campaign Challenges book is now in print, and available on AmazonAll proceeds go to Help Harry Help Others to fund research on brain cancer.

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