Photograph Links, Fictional Feasts, and An Award

Gorgeous images of seasons in Kirazlı village, in Turkey - head over to Being Koy. I love the idea of doing a year-end summary in photos - I'm always so focused on word counts and such that I forget to explore the lighter sides of what I've accomplished or pontificated on during the year (such as trying to decide whether actor Tom Ellis looks like my character Devran).

In other fun images and ideas, Jamie from Mithril Wisdom (who's lucky enough to live in Wales), posted a link to the Feast of Fiction project: "Each week he takes a dish from the realms of fantasy, science fiction and video games and recreates them in real life as close to their original intended recipe."

They've already done butterbeer! I wonder if they'll try cram, or lembas, or miruvor, or... I'd love it if they recreated entire feasts, such as the meals the hobbits have at Tom Bombadil's, or all the pub food or, from other novels, the tea that Lucy has at Mr Tumnus' home, or Christmas feasts from some of Jean Little's stories, or the cordial that Anne and Diana drink or... I know, I know! The island breakfasts that Margaret's uncle loves in Bernice Thurman Hunter's Margaret in the Middle. Well, okay, I guess they won't be doing YA for a while.

One more photo link - there's a new interview with Diana Gabaldon at Skip Prichard's. Hope over, if nothing else, to see her bookshelves and one of the resident pugs.

And now, an actual photo from me! Thank you to Carol Riggs, who awarded me this:

It's for those who make regular and great comments! So let's see... I'll pass it onto everyone that commented on my last week's blog posts. Thanks for the support on my snip and my query-sending!


Sarah McCabe said…
It would be weird if they didn't try lembas at some point. (Unless they're philistines.) It's one of the quintessential fantasy foods!
Misha Gericke said…
I love the fantasy food idea. I agree. Lembas must be made. :-D
I love your blog name! :D Nice too *meet* you! :)
S.P. Bowers said…
What an awesome idea. I totally want to see Lembas bread, even if they can't give it the same sustaining qualities as in the book. There are so many possibilities.
Carol Riggs said…
What a great idea, to make the dishes from novels and vidgames! How fun. :)
Congratulations on your award. I've always wanted to try some of the foods that George R.R. Martin describes in his fantasy books.
Zan Marie said…
Your Devran is yummy. ; )
That's a great idea--and yeah, recreating a feast would be even more awesome. :)

Congratulations on the award!
J.L. Murphey said…
It almost makes me wish I lived in Wales.
I'm so happy to hear about another Food from Fiction blog...thanks for the link! Theresa
Talli Roland said…
Congrats on the award! And oh yes, Jamie is so lucky. Wales is gorgeous.
Trisha said…
Yay for awards!! And I LOVE the idea of that medieval cooking blog. I actually went to a wedding once - pagan handfasting ceremony really - and the groom (being a chef) made all this delicious medieval food. It rocked.
Deniz Bevan said…
I agree, Sarah, Misha and Sara - I can't wait to see them do lembas!

Nice to meet you too, Chantele!

I can't wait to see what else they try, Carol.

Thanks, Michel!

Mmm, I think so too Zan Marie :-)

Thanks, Eagle!

I always wish I lived in Wales, Jo.

Happy to link, Theresa!

Thanks, Talli!

I'd love to try medieval food, Trisha. Even the weird stuff...

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