Toast the Professor and ROW80 Starts Again

Tuesday is the 120th anniversary of J. R. R. Tolkien's birth.

Join us in a toast, hosted by the Tolkien Society!

"To celebrate this event, on this day each year Tolkien fans around the world [are] invited to raise a glass and toast the birthday of this much loved author 21:00 (9 pm) your local time.

The toast is "The Professor".

For those unfamiliar with British toast-drinking ceremonies:

To make the Birthday Toast, you stand, raise a glass of your choice of drink (not necessarily alcoholic), and say the words 'The Professor' before taking a sip (or swig, if that's more appropriate for your drink). Sit and enjoy the rest of your drink."

If I can obtain some, I'll be sipping Lagavulin or The Glenlivet.

Don't forget, the second year of A Round of Words in 80 Days starts today with round 1 of 2012! Set your goals now! And don't worry, you can always change them as you go along.

Mine are as follows:

send out queries for Out of the Water

print out Ayten's story and do a read through, writing any missing scenes (such as the, er, ending)

edit my plot bunny story

Happy new year to everyone!

And don't forget, the Whisky Trench Riders' second album, Underneath the Tavern Sign, is coming out soon! Listen to the first three tracks for free on ReverbNation.


Jemi Fraser said…
I will definitely raise a glass to toast Tolkein! :)

All the best for 2012!!
Sarah McCabe said…
I'll have to toast with a coke. The professor would probably shake his head. ;)
Anonymous said…
Good simple goals. You'll do fantastic. Have an excellent week, Deniz :)
Nadja Notariani said…
I'll toast that! Maybe with some Glad to see you are back for another Round, too. I'm cheering you on with sending out your query letters. I cannot wait to read Out Of The Water. Really.
Happy New Year, Deniz.
J.L. Campbell said…
Wishing you success with your goals, Deniz and Happy New Year!
Glynis said…
Glass raised! Happy New Year, Deniz. You certainly have great goals to focus upon!
Romance Reader said…
Happy New Year, Deniz!

Will have to rise the glass with mineral water! All the best with your goals!
nutschell said…
A toast a toast to the great Tolkien, lord of all middle earth! :)
Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!

Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks for toasting with me, everyone, and happy new year!
Anonymous said…
The Professor sounds like he could be a Time Lord. Just saying, even though Tolkien wasn't a fan of technology.

I wonder if he wrote the part of Tom Bombadil as a representation of himself? I always imagined Tom as more of a Brian Blessed looking kind of guy. Rotund, almost portly, but able to move like someone a third his size and age.
My husband was a founding member of The Tolkien Society back when he was just 7 years old (and he has the broach to prove it) ;) -- he wants me to thank you for reminding him of the old man's bday. And just in time for the toast too! Theresa
Deniz Bevan said…
I think that's a great idea Joshua! They should do a Lord of the Rings episode of Doctor Who and get Brian Blessed to play Tom Bombadil. Ohhh... I wish Neil Gaiman would write such an episode, and soon!

Was he really, Theresa? Oh my! I'm excited! I'd like to shake his hand :-)

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