A to Z Challenge - Favourite Books - Friends and Lovers

Friends and Lovers, by Helen MacInnes.

This was one of those books I picked up at random at a secondhand bookstore, not knowing anything about the author (a prolific writer of espionage stories) or that this was a book outside her usual genre. All I knew was that it was set in England and Scotland, and seemed delightfully old-fashioned.

"David Bosworth is a penniless undergraduate at Oxford with a head full of dreams.

Penelope Lorrimer is the pretty daughter of a wealthy Edinburgh family; they have plans for her, but their ambitions do not match hers.

When they fall in love the odds are against them, but the opposition they encounter draws them closer than any love more easily won - and the bond between them is stronger,more durable than the one between mere friends and lovers..."

It's harder to serendipitously find stick-with-you books when you're shopping online, at least for me. Anyone have any tips?

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