A to Z Challenge - Favourite Books - New York Trilogy by Paul Auster OR Take Action So You Don't Have Regrets Later

New York Trilogy by Paul Auster.

We all lug books (or at least our e-readers) on vacation. But sometimes the most exciting book discoveries come while we're on vacation and either find a new book or author, rediscover an old favourite, or have someone recommend a book. I first read The Stand at the age of 13 because my uncle happened to have it lying around.

And I first came upon Paul Auster the same way - visiting cousins in France and, of course, looking through their bookshelves. The New York Trilogy was the first English book to catch my eye. I loved it right from the start - so mysterious, so twisty-turny, and yet with such compelling characters. The last book of his that I read was Timbuktu, told from the point of view of a dog, Mr Bones. So sad and sweet.

As for regrets... Paul Auster was a featured author at Montreal's Blue Metropolis Literary Festival a few years back. And, because I couldn't find anyone that wanted to come with me, I didn't go.

When am I ever going to get to Brooklyn again? That was my one chance to meet Paul Auster, and I lost it.

Don't do what I did!


Em-Musing said…
Wise words. I've had this happen too, and have learned to, as the lyrics go, "When you seize the chance take it..."
Jemima Pett said…
I think I was 24 when I worked out that if I waited for someone else to come with me I'd miss out on a whole load of interesting and exciting things I wanted to do.

So, keep an eye out for the safety things, but go do these life experiences while you still can.

Love your book recommendations and I'm looking forward to coming back often!
Susan Fields said…
Thanks for the recommendation - I love twisty-turny, mysterious books!
mooderino said…
I like his writing too. You can find quite a lot of interviews with him online. Not as good as meeting him though.

Moody Writing
The Funnily Enough
Zan Marie said…
We all fail at carpe diem sometimes, don't we? And we always second guess it, too. ; )
Anonymous said…
Thanks to your posts I'm adding more and more books to my wish list.
My husband says every protagonist unravels in his books.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks for coming by, all!
Unravels, eh, Theresa? Sounds about right!

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