A to Z Challenge - Favourite Books - Peter, Lord Views the Body, and Fan Fiction About Real People

Peter, Lord Views the Body, by Dorothy L. Sayers.

I discovered Dorothy Sayers late in life - one of the last Inklings I turned to - but perhaps that was a good thing. Her style isn't as straightforward as, say, that of Agatha Christie (coming up tomorrow!) and I might not have understood half the references in her stories at the age of 13. I still find the crossword in The Fascinating Problem of Uncle Meleager's Will impossibly obscure.

Last year, when I organized a charity book fair at work, I came across a book called Dorothy and Agatha, a murder mystery by Gaylord Larsen featuring both of the authors. I haven't read it yet - the pile is growing large - but I wonder about it from time to time. It seems almost fan-fiction-ish, to write about two real-life authors as though they were characters.

Has anyone ever read a story like that before? Back in high school, I wrote a couple of romances featuring two singers I was certain were hiding their affection for each other. Never mind the fact that each was married to someone else - that's the stuff that conflict is born of, no?

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