A to Z Challenge - Favourite Books - UK Classic Children's Stories, and Me on Nutschell

United Kingdom classic children's stories and authors. There are so many, I don't know where to begin!

E. Nesbit

J. Barrie

A. A. Milne

K. Grahame

A. Lang

W. de la Mare

M. Chute

E. Blyton

J. Nimmo

R. Dahl

L. R. Banks

S. Townsend

G. MacDonald

R. L. Stevenson

Honourable mentions to James Herriott, who writes for all ages, and Margery Sharp, who apparently wrote children's stories as well, but I've only read her Britannia Mews, as well as illustrators Arthur Rackham and Pauline Baynes.

I'm sure I've forgotten some - which authors would you add?

Meanwhile, a while back, I was featured on Nutschell's blog!


Wonderful selection, you can see my authors on my blog, see you have most of my favourites listed!
Amanda Heitler said…
Nice list indeed. Many old favourites on there a few I need to seek out. Been hunting for The Three Royal Monkeys for years :)

Margery Sharp wrote the Miss Bianca books that became the inspiration for Disney's The Rescuers.
S.P. Bowers said…
Excellent list. There's a couple on there I still need to read.
Zan Marie said…
A cornucopia of books! Wow, Deniz!
J.L. Campbell said…
Forgot everything else when I came across James Herriot's name. I LOVE his writing!
Vicki Tremper said…
Great list. Very pretty, too.
Romance Reader said…
Nice list but I have yet to discover some of them! Thanks.

Kate O'Mara said…
Happily, I've read most of these in spite of my location in the US :)
I have to admit that the only one I've read is Roald Dahl's Matilda. But I loved that book so much that I had to buy another copy after I wore out the first one. I loved that Matilda was a bookworm.
Hi Deniz .. excellent collection of our childhood books - love them .. we had all the colour Fairy Books at home - I spent many an hour happily reading away .. cheers Hilary
Deniz Bevan said…
So happy you all liked my list!

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