Blists Hill Victorian Town, Carole Anne Carr, A New Schedule, and Eagles!

Victorian fun at Blists Hill, Ironbridge, Shropshire.

But first, some ROW80. The editing is moving, but slowly. However, I have a new schedule!

I know we all say this now and then, but this time I'm really feeling excited about it - mainly because I've scheduled in more reading time, and some free time.

Not counting errands, querying, visiting with family and friends and the occasional 5 a 7, and besides the 9-5 job (I read on the commute and knit at lunch), I've come up with this:
Mondays - edit (currently working on edits for Ayten's story, Rome, Rhymes and Risk)
Tuesdays - blog/Forum
Wednesdays - edit
Thursdays - scrapbook
Fridays - read (yay!) and housekeep (sigh)
Saturdays - blog (which is great, because now when we visit with family and friends I don't have to feel guilty being away from the internet, as I did when I thought I should be editing on Saturdays)
Sundays - free day! (on the condition that I don't go online, since if I do that, I could well be editing)

This should see Rome, Rhymes and Risk edited by the first week of June, then I can spend June entering the changes, July editing on paper once more and filling in scenes, August typing all that up, and... Sending the story to betas by the end of August.

I know what you're going to say - The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men / gang aft agley. But you never know! This might just be the schedule that gets me motivated. Writing is easy; editing is hard.

That said, I've got a few more articles on Bizim Anadolu if you'd like to read about Montreal!

And don't forget the eagles! The Raptor Resource Project has webcams on "newly hatched owlets in the Valmont Great Horned owl nest, three eaglets in Decorah, four Peregrine falcon eggs at Great Spirit Bluff, Canada goose eggs at Eaglecrest, and Turkey Vultures back in Missouri."

The project "monitors raptor populations, provides and improves nest boxes and nest sites, works with other organizations on behalf of birds of prey, and develops innovations in wildlife viewing and education that bring people closer to the natural world."

Meanwhile, back to the Victorian town. Those of you who know Carole Anne Carr might be excited to hear that Blists Hill is the setting for two of her middle grade novels, Candle Dark, and the forthcoming second book in the series.

Here are a handful of photos from my visit last month:

A random tower on the Silkin Way

A dentist's surgery - reminded me of the teeth pulling scenes in Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series

Speaking of Outlander, here's a printing press that might resemble Jamie Fraser's.

And here's the printer's shop where I learned the origin of the phrase 'to come a cropper'

I thought this couple was very sweet

Interesting land measurement terms...

Street theatre does Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street


Not necessarily Victorian, but I find cricket very confusing. Even more so after a drink or two!

Have you travelled back in time recently?

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