Make Anything!, Edit for ROW80, Spudzi and ComicCon!, and a New Artist

What would you make if you were enrolled in a class called How to Make (Almost) Anything?

I'm not sure if you have to follow the curriculum, or are allowed to design your own projects.

I'd love to learn, oh! so many things, especially how to:

1. put together a basic computer

2. develop film

3. custom build a cabinet or any other wooden furniture

4. brew wine and beer (ok, I realise they're not about to teach this at a university...)

And so on, maybe even learning how to bind a book. The closest I've come is, for editing purposes, printing my novels two-pages-per-sheet and hole punching them to fit a five inch binder (I ought to take photos). They sort of feel like very hardcover big books.

Happy to say I'm still loving my new schedule, though, and am on track for ROW80, editing every Monday and Wednesday night. There are parts of the story that aren't so bad! They'll be even better once I move everything around; this story seems to have been drafted in a more disjointed fashion than most.

Meanwhile, discoveries!

1. If you missed the Phoenix ComicCon (and I don't often mention ComicCons because I'm still miffed that I discovered Neil Gaiman too late to meet him at the Montreal ComicCon a few years ago), author Sam Sykes has an awesome run down of the event, told from the point of view of the Mr Potato Head stand-in for John Scalzi. He's got everything in there - Daleks, Diana Gabaldon, Wil Wheaton, K9 - and a TARDIS!

2. A gorgeous blog, created by a local artist: Shari Blaukopf's Sketchbook features a new drawing or painting every day! Here's a fun one from a recent visit to the Montreal Redpath Museum:

triceratops, by Shari Blakuopf

3. Thanks to Fraeya, I just learned that I've got 300+ books on my teetering To Read pile (counting the 180 listed on the left of this blog). I need help! Or more time off work.

What have you discovered lately?

Look out for me on Misha's blog tomorrow, where I'll be talking about querying. I sent out a handful more queries for Rosa's story last week, and I'm still using the letter that Matthew was so helpful with!

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