Painter Akzhana Abdalieva

When the internet first started, and everyone got e-mail, there were lots and lots of junk messages that came through - chain letters and weird "Irish luck" notes and dorky jokes, all that sort of thing.

Thankfully, now that everyone's settled down a bit, this happens less and less. But weird stuff - especially Powerpoint slides set to music - still appears from time to time.

I got one such e-mail the other day, and almost deleted it without looking.

It's a good thing I decided to give the slides a chance! I've just discovered a wonderful artist from Kazakhstan, Akzhana Abdalieva. I love these paintings especially, because the tone and imagery reminds me of Ayten and Devran from my story Rome, Rhymes and Risk:


S.P. Bowers said…
Cool pics! Thanks for sharing.

Yea, I usually delete those emails without looking too. Though the ones I get usually have "blond joke" somewhere in the title. Which is funny, cause I'm not blond.
Zan Marie said…
Oh, the junk emails! I hate them and regularly delete them, but you did find a gem with this one. Great pics. ; )
Hi Deniz .. these are just great aren't they - absolutely stunning - I loved meeting this naive artist ..

Thanks for posting about her .. cheers Hilary
Wow I love this art. I wish I had some that were frame ready for my house.
Anonymous said…
Reminds me of Klimt.
Aren't those paintings awesome. There is so much good stuff on the 'net.

Talli Roland said…
Oh, those are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing Deniz.
Melanie Macek said…
I had to go check out the website. She's got some nice paintings. Of course, I couldn't read anything but I figured out how to navigate to get to the prints :)

Thanks for sharing. Sure she'll get a kick out of seeing a jump in US viewership if she tracks site hits.

Carol Riggs said…
I love those! especially the last 2--so touching and lovely. Neat style. Thanks for sharing these with us so we can see too!
Clarissa Draper said…
Oh, I do like the artwork. I get those types of emails as well. And normally, I delete. Maybe I should check once and awhile.
Deniz Bevan said…
I'm glad you all liked her as well!

You're not far off, Joshua - there were many other paintings in the email and a few of those reminded me of Klimt as well.
LR said…
Very pretty. I like all the soft contours.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks for coming by, LR!

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