Book Reviews and More UK Photographs

Lots of review sites and articles up!

I've got another new article at Bizim Anadolu, this one about Pâté Chômeur, a yummy Québecois dessert.

We're still seeking reviewers over at the One Hundred Romances Project - come join the fun. I've got reviews of Carol Spradling's The Night Lamp and Nina Jade Singer's Secrets of the Knight up right now.

Song of the Sea also features romance book reviews - I'm hoping to contribute a few someday soon.

And Forumite Betty Navta has a new blog titled Books Uncaged, "for readers and writers with a passion for books." The blog is a joint one with her friend author Michelle Yd Frost.

"We're stepping out from being rather insular about our processes, experiences and efforts at writing, editing, cover-designing, self-publishing, e-book publishing, etc. Both of us have written for other venues - magazines, newspapers and blogs, of course. And both of us are avid readers. It's something new and different for both of us. And exciting! Drop by and take a look at your leisure. (Well, leisure meaning when you hit that spot in your writing that you just have to get away from!)"
I've written more book reviews on this blog than I thought I would when I started. Sometimes I rave about a book or author (Joanna Bourne is the greatest!) - whether they're authors from my neighbourhood or classic novels - and other times I'm less than enthused. I don't know if - provided I'm published some day - I'll ever be comfortable with reviews. Right now I can handle commentary and critique because, no matter what, I can still fix the story. But what about when it's between covers?

Which leads me to ROW80 and all the scenes I've still got to write for Ayten's story. Progress is slow. Why must shiny new ideas always be more exciting?

Meanwhile, I've got some random photos from our UK trip:

Air Canada

A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen. I really wanted this book. But, I was good. I added it to the wishlist, instead. That TBR pile's not going to get any smaller if I keep acquiring books.

 Sunrise over the wing

 A mini history of The Brown Jug pub, including the fact that Canadian soldiers used to drink here when stationed in England during the war.

The Brown Jug, between Broadstairs and Ramsgate, at Dumpton. Awesome. 200 years old (relatively new!). Possibly haunted. I'd love to write here every day!


Deniz Bevan said…
I forgot to mention that tomorrow is the end of this round of ROW80! So yes, my progress is slow, but I did better than I'd expected, once I got my new schedule going. Hurrah for writing every day!
Mary said…
I love the little British pubs! They've got such fabulous atmosphere and most of them have a really cool story too.
Zan Marie said…
I so love your photos!
I want to visit the UK. I'm so jealous. You should post more pics.
Anonymous said…
Awesome pictures. I have a UK trip later in the year and I can't wait.

I enjoy sharing my thoughts of books on my blog.

Yay for writing progress.
Great pictures!

Good questions about new ideas. They certainly aren't helpful when in the midst of working on something else. :P
Lynda R Young said…
I can relate to that feeling of an ever growing TBR list! If mine fell over it would crush me!
Talli Roland said…
Great photos! A Street-cat Named Bob is on my list. Glad to hear you enjoyed it.
Deniz Bevan said…
It's true, Mary!

Thanks, Zan Marie!

I've got lots more to share, Michael!

Thanks Medeia and Eagle and Talli!

We should swap books, Lynda!

So many exclamation points :-)

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