ROW80, Taliesin, Montreal Photos, and Summertime Lists

Discovered an awesome video the other day:

Ioan Gruffudd reading I Am Taliesin (from The Mabinogion) in Welsh

All in the name of research, right?

I've reached the last few scenes in Fred and Lyne's story - epic battles with legendary creatures are here! - so I've been playing around with research more often. It's been exciting writing a contemporary story for the first time in a long time; I've got far fewer square brackets than I do in historicals. And the only research I need involves Celtic myths and legends, which is lots of fun to read about. Actually, I also need to know a fair bit about archaeology. If you're an archaeologists and don't mind answering a few questions, please let me know!

Here're a few more Montreal-in-summer photos!

Statue in Old Montreal

Looking up from the statue - if it wasn't for the stop signs, you might think it was half a century ago...

Milk crate art (?)

View from a Pub St Paul window

Close-up of the view of Habitat 67

Neurotic Workaholic had her own version of Nora Ephron's What I Will and Won't Miss lists the other day, and inspired me to do the same, but with a twist:

What I Will Miss About Summer

Longer hours of daylight and being in the sun

Cool drinks

Constant festivals (gotta love Montreal!)

Heading out the door without a thousand layers of clothing


What I Won't Miss About Summer, Once Winter Comes


Feeling guilty for staying indoors on a sunny day

Ice-cold air conditioning at work

Strangers' non-cared-for feet in open-toe shoes... Ick!

Looking out the office window, wishing I was outdoors

What about you?


S.P. Bowers said…
Epic battles and legendary creatures? That's my favorite!

I won't miss humidity either. And I love wearing sweaters. I can't wait for sweater weather.
Anonymous said…
I've skimmed some Celtic stuff in the past. Sadly, never had time or excuse to pursue it more than that. I'm a little jealous. Good luck finding an archaeologist. And I'll miss the extra sunlight too! Early night makes me sloth like.
I agree with all those things NOT to miss about summer--though it is nice to have bright sunny weather now and again. :)

Great pictures!
Anonymous said…
Great pics! What will I miss? long days, no homework for the kids

What will I not miss? the heat, paying for lawn services
Isn't it nice when research is actually FUN? :)

I agree about one definite thing I'll miss about summer. Not having to wear long sleeves and coats. I hate them!

"Strangers non-cared-for feet in open-toe shoes" Boy, I'm sure glad I have cute toes...with polish and everything! LOL
LR said…
I will miss everything about summer. Am a summer girl. ;)
Talli Roland said…
Oh my God, you have made me so miss Montreal! Sigh... love the summers there.
Jamie Gibbs said…
I love the Mabinogion - some epic tales there. I'll have to check out the video after work :)
Deniz Bevan said…
I miss sweaters *and* stockings, Sara!

Yea, early night makes me feel like curling up and reading, Gloria.

Can't say no to sunshine, Eagle!

Long days are great, Linda!

Polished toes are lovely, Lauralynn!

I'd be a summer girl if I was a teeny bit closer to the beach, LR!

Hope you can visit soon, Talli!

Thanks for coming by, Jamie!
Hi Deniz .. loved hearing Ioan - as I really didn't know who Taleisen was - until I wrote my posts on Borth .. four of them - a tale of a school having to move because of the plague -

I see you read the 2nd - but it's the third where Taleisen appears ..

Should you wish to check out ...

I'll miss summer - but now I can enjoy the ease into Autumn with more time on my hands and appreciate the change ...

Cheers Hilary
Anonymous said…
That's the first time I heard Welsh spoken.

It'll feel like summer where I am for another month or two. I won't miss it too much. I prefer a chill in the air.

Have a great weekend.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks Hilary and Medeia!

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