ROW80, Taliesin, Montreal Photos, and Summertime Lists

Discovered an awesome video the other day:

Ioan Gruffudd reading I Am Taliesin (from The Mabinogion) in Welsh

All in the name of research, right?

I've reached the last few scenes in Fred and Lyne's story - epic battles with legendary creatures are here! - so I've been playing around with research more often. It's been exciting writing a contemporary story for the first time in a long time; I've got far fewer square brackets than I do in historicals. And the only research I need involves Celtic myths and legends, which is lots of fun to read about. Actually, I also need to know a fair bit about archaeology. If you're an archaeologists and don't mind answering a few questions, please let me know!

Here're a few more Montreal-in-summer photos!

Statue in Old Montreal

Looking up from the statue - if it wasn't for the stop signs, you might think it was half a century ago...

Milk crate art (?)

View from a Pub St Paul window

Close-up of the view of Habitat 67

Neurotic Workaholic had her own version of Nora Ephron's What I Will and Won't Miss lists the other day, and inspired me to do the same, but with a twist:

What I Will Miss About Summer

Longer hours of daylight and being in the sun

Cool drinks

Constant festivals (gotta love Montreal!)

Heading out the door without a thousand layers of clothing


What I Won't Miss About Summer, Once Winter Comes


Feeling guilty for staying indoors on a sunny day

Ice-cold air conditioning at work

Strangers' non-cared-for feet in open-toe shoes... Ick!

Looking out the office window, wishing I was outdoors

What about you?

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