Where Would You Go and Who Would You Be?

Now that it's August, I'm wishing I hadn't taken all my vacations earlier in the year.

I'm about 10,000 words away from completing the first draft of Fred and Lyne's story and I'd love to take a reading break somewhere.

So, inspired by a recent post of Joshua's, here are the top five places I want to vacation:

The Highlands and the Scottish Isles
(image from Wikimedia Commons)

Hay-on-Wye, Wales: So many bookshops, so small a baggage allowance on the flight home...
(screenshot from the Old Hay site)

Anywhere in the middle of Italy
(Valley by Fabrizio Conti from Public Domain Pictures)

Hobbiton. Er, I mean, New Zealand
(screenshot from Cool Pictures)

On the Orient Express, from London to Istanbul
(image from Wikimedia Commons)

Of course, none of this is likely to happen any time soon. Not to mention, I'm supposed to be editing

Meanwhile, Margo had a fun list the other day too: Top Ten Characters I'd Switch Places With

I agree with Margo on Lucy Pevensie, Eowyn and Hermione, and I can think of three more right off the bat:

Claire at the end of Voyager, when she's got a whole new world ahead of her with Jamie at her side (by the way, Karen's hosting an Outlander Photo Contest!)

The mother/author in The Railway Children

Anne Shirley, the year that she lives in her House of Dreams

Where would you go and who would you be?

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