Free Short Story, Links, Reading Weekend

Free Neil Gaiman story over on Audible. Written by him and read by him!

And the best part? For every download, Audible will donate money to Donors Choose!

I'm listening to it right now and Neil's voice - I mean, his accent - I mean, the story - is quite lovely. Also scary. Click-clack monsters made of the dark, coming for you out of their lair... Uh oh, I think I've just guessed what's going to happen next... Eek!

Speaking of stories, is it too early to start revealing the identities behind WRiTE CLUB participants? Well, maybe. Don't forget to vote in the finalists rounds! (Was that a hint? Maybe...)

I'm this close to finishing typing up Druid's Moon, before NaNo starts and I jump in to Santiago's story, Captive of the Sea. So this weekend I'm taking a break and switching from blogging and writing to reading and knitting. Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post; I'll visit you all soon!

Here are some of the other blogs I'm looking forward to:

Theresa and Len do a blog swap!
Le Comte St Germain's Poison at the Outlander Kitchen
Talli Roland visits Jessica Bell!

It's All Hallow's Read week until Wednesday. Go share a scary book with someone!

What's everyone got planned for Hallowe'en?


Thanks for the link to Neil Gaiman's story. It sounds like a great tale.

Not much planned for Halloween . . . hopefully we won't be in the middle of Hurricane Sandy, though!
S.P. Bowers said…
Write club has been so much fun. I'm looking forward to seeing how it unfolds.
Kate C. said…
Oh boy! Will have to check out that story for sure!

Our plans for Halloween will be ushering a fun size spiderman around the neighborhood begging for candy. :)
Best of luck with NaNo! Have a great time!
Nas said…
Thanks for the link to Neil Gaiman's story. It sounds like a great I'm going off to listen to him!

Have a great NaNo!
Vicki Tremper said…
After 2 months of crocheting, I'm ready to write. And my fingers need the break, LOL.

Good luck in NaNo!
Deniz Bevan said…
Hope you're surviving the hurricane, Eagle!

It's the first time I've voted in every round, Sara. Interesting to read all the submissions!

Aww, spiderman sounds cute, Kate!

Thanks J. R.!

You too, Nas! Readers count too :-)

Two months of crocheting sounds fun, Vicki! I should do a knitting NaNo...
Tammy Theriault said…
makes me want to go hear the accent...hmmm... great blog you have, new follower...HI!
LR said…
Ooh I'm gonna check out that Gaiman link. Thanks!
Christy Farmer said…
Good luck with NaNoWriMo, Deniz!

I like it when authors read the audio versions of their books. How cool Neil Gaiman did that.

Speaking of scary, Happy Halloween to you! :-)
Jemi Fraser said…
Yay for NaNo!!! :)

I'm off to check out the Gaiman download - thanks!
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks for the follow, Tammy!

Hope you like the story, LR and Jemi!

Happy Hallowe'en to you too Christy!

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