Pre-NaNo Jitters, Quebec City Photos, and Some Updates

What's that? Do I hear the sound of scurrying writers? Is everyone hiding? I thought we were all doing NaNo!

I'm all set.

I've read the blog posts about preparing for NaNo (Joshua's Five Lessons from NaNo, the ROW80 Round-up of NaNo Advice, and Jordan McCollum's advice on reaching NaNo goals on autopilot and getting your family on board for NaNo), made sure to sign up for miniNaNo on the Compuserve Books and Writers Community, joined Twitter (I must be crazy! but I figured, on days when I have no chance to check emails, I could at least keep up with fellow NaNoers this way - find me @DenizBevan), and am trying to keep my inboxes under control (see you next month FB, Pinterest and tumblr!).

And, oh yea, the writing. I have a vague idea for this story - Santiago and Mawdlen meet and fall in love - but very little in the way of advance plotting, beyond a few hastily scribbled scenes. For the first time, I'll be free to explore, in each scene, "what's the worst that could happen?"

I've got to get as deep into my characters as I can because, from the bits and pieces of feedback I've gotten over the last little while, one of my deeper faults is not emotionally connecting the reader with the characters.

If anyone has tips for getting past this, I'll be very grateful.

I'm doing chapter summaries next week on the Diana Gabaldon Yahoo mailing list, and while preparing them in advance, realised that I've never shared my Quebec City photos on the blog! Just a reminder that winter is around the corner:

We'd gone to see Blue Rodeo


Quebec poet Emile Nelligan


Horse and carriage, also called a caleche

Ice palace


Plains of Abraham

The fort on the Plains of Abraham

St Lawrence river

St Lawrence again

Another shot; all these were taken facing south

St Lawrence from round the side of a Martello Tower

St Lawrence ice


I've revised my ROW80 goals, since I've finished typing up Druid's Moon! A completed 32,000 word novella. Just needs editing.

My NaNo project is Santiago and Mawdlen's story, Captive of the Sea: Back when he was a young sailor, Santiago travelled to England and fell in love with a Welsh girl called Mawdlen (Magdelana). Mawdlen's involved in some shady activities, however, that soon get him into trouble.

How can Santiago win her heart? Will she be willing to give up her life of intrigue as a spy to return with him to Spain?

Finally, Happy Hallowe'en! Here's Neil Gaiman on Edgar Allan Poe.

What are you dressing up as?

Oh! Late addition - did you know about this Harry Potter prequel? I just discovered it!

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