Story Ideas, the Beatles, OED Appeals, WRiTE CLUB Still On!

Has anyone else seen this letter from Robert Heinlein?

It's chock full of story ideas, some political, some scientific, some completely out-there:

"'June 28—The new bull calf looks better all the time. Met a leprechaun today. Nice little guy. I'm going to have to drain the south forty.'"

Or these two:
"This guy sells soap and cosmetics, door to door like the Fuller Brush man. She tries their beauty soap; she becomes beautiful. So she tries their vanishing cream...
A little cat ghost, padding patiently around in limbo, trying to find that familiar, friendly lap..."
Which reminds me of Stephen King's idea about the ladies' room at the airport. Husband and wife come up to the gate, she says she has to use the ladies' room. And she never steps out... A few other couples come along, and the same thing happens. So now you have this group of men, waiting outside the door, wondering what's happening inside.

Speaking of ideas and words, the Oxford English Dictionary needs our help!
"the Oxford English Dictionary announces the launch of OED Appeals, a dedicated community space on the OED website where OED editors solicit help in unearthing new information about the history and usage of English. ... Here are some of the words we are researching right now: Disco (earlier than September 1964) Bellini (earlier than 1965) FAQ (earlier than 1989) Cootie (earlier than 1967) Can you help us find documentation of these words’ earliest history? Happy hunting!"
This weekend is the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles! In honour of which, here are two songs with the same title, 50 years apart:

The Beatles - I Feel Fine

Whisky Trench Riders - I Feel Fine

My main goal for ROW80 is progressing nicely. Only 10,000 words left to type up on Druid's Moon. While I was calculating that, I discovered that my total word count for the story, once I write the few missing scenes, will be around 30,000 words. I've written my first ever novella!

Don't forget, WRiTE CLUB is still on! Vote in Round 29, and if you've missed previous ones, vote in any that are still open. I'll be drawing winners for my Show Me the Words! editing contest at the end of this year's WRiTE CLUB.

Anyone know of any other fun anniversaries, blogfests or contests?


Michael Di Gesu said…
Hi, Deniz,

Congrats on your NOVELLA... They seem to the "RAGE' these days. I have actually started one myself last night. I have been coaxed by my fellow Romantic Friday Writers to take my few 'Film Noir" excerpts and create a Novella from them.

This style an genre is TOTALLY different from my other writing, so I am enjoying the challenge.

I have an excerpt up now, if you have a sec to check it out.

I LOVE The title of you novella and LOVE all stories with Druids. SO I hope to read it. If you'd like a crit on it, let me know I would love to read it.

Nas said…
Congrats on your Novella, Deniz. And well I'd like to know what happened after she used the vanishing cream? Would she? Did she? Vanished, I mean!

Congratulations on your novella!

Those are some interesting story ideas.
Anonymous said…
"This guy sells soap and cosmetics, door to door like the Fuller Brush man. She tries their beauty soap; she becomes beautiful. So she tries their vanishing cream..."

LOL! That would make a good story. Enjoyed the post. :)
Angela Brown said…
Cool beans about your novella. Always great making progress with your writing. And it appears you have several things going on.
Deniz Bevan said…
I read your excerpt, Michael - would love to see the novella!

I wonder too, Nas!

Thanks Eagle and Linda and Angela!

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