A is for Astronaut

A is for Astronaut!

Specifically, Canadian astronaut Commander Hadfield, who is on a six-month trip to the International Space Station.

They're doing all sorts of experiments and work up there, but in between, Hadfield tweets! From space!

He shares with us details of the science they're doing on the ISS, records music (including singing during Orthodox Christmas with the Russian astronauts), takes pictures, and talks to school groups, the Barenaked Ladies, Bryan Adams, and even William Shatner!

Here he is with the Barenaked Ladies on CBC:

Fellow blogger Jemi Fraser said it best when she nominated him for a Shorty Award "in #science because his tweets make us all wonder, imagine, think and hope."

I shared his Montreal photo on the night that hockey came back.

When he celebrated unofficial Canada Day, the Whisky Trench Riders sent him a song!

Hadfield's also shared photos of Turkey, and NYC, among other places:



New York City

Ethereal earth and sky

Weightless water!

And finally... an odd blank space in Africa that he invited us to fill. This guy had a particularly cute reply:

Have you seen his pictures? Which ones did you like? He takes requests!

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