N is for Neil Gaiman

N is for Neil Gaiman.

I suppose all of you guessed I'd mention him at some point. What can I say? Besides the fact that I'm still knee deep in reading Sandman for the first time, and his fun Blackberry project A Calendar of Tales just happened, and he's got a new book out... There's lots going on!

Here's my nephew reading Neil's Chu's Day:

Here's Neil learning to tango with Amanda Palmer:

And here they are in comic form:

A couple of months ago he tweeted: "I am writing this in the dark while my wife sleeps beside me to say that I am the luckiest man alive. And that love is worth everything."

There are a few stories I haven't read yet:

The Rhyme Maidens poem, read aloud. His short stories in the Psychos anthology and the Rags and Bones anthology. And an animated zombie short story!

If you'd like to win "the coolest rarest thing out there, a 1st edition STARDUST ARC, investigate this link." I might enter this contest/donation to Heifer International someday.

Neil was also featured on NPR Morning Edition, talking about some of his favourite books and tv shows.

Here he is recreating Amanda's map of Tasmania photograph:

And here's a video of a portrait of him: Neil stands there.

Finally, here's his wonderful Make Good Art speech:

Hope everyone's having a great A to Z! I'm trying my darndest to keep up with all the posts - please excuse me if I don't visit for a couple of days or miss a few of your letters!

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