S is for Scotland

S is for Scotland. I've only ever visited Edinburgh, but would love to see more of the country!

Here's a tweet I favourited, to remind myself to get this book: ‏@BiblioConnect: "Published today Jan 18th in 1775 Samuel Johnson's A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland. #books #literaryhistory"

Here's Scotland from the International Space Station:

Here's a link from National Trust Scotland: ‏@N_T_S: "Scotland's Stories | Find out about life as a crofter in Scotland's north west highlands"

Sneak peak at Diana Gabaldon's forthcoming Written in My Own Heart's Blood:

And... Here're Eric Idle and Billy Connolly talking about the ballad of Sir Patrick Spens ("'I saw the new moon late yestreen / With the old moon in her arm; / And if we go to sea, master, / I fear we'll come to harm.'"):


I haven't been on Twitter much this month - hope I'm not missing other fun conversations like this!


J.L. Campbell said…
Scotland is somewhere I'd like to visit. I'd have to go when it's warm enough so that I'd enjoy the trip.
J.L. Murphey said…
I've been and traipsed around the country. It's heaven on this side.
Matthew MacNish said…
I would love to go to Scotland. I'm even Scottish, and I've never been.
Liz Fichera said…
Scotland is definitely on my list. I need to get caught up on the DG series. I think I left off on the WHITE SOMETHING OR ANOTHER book (forget the exact title).
Jo said…
Did you know Scotland is not actually connected to the British Isles. I discovered that on a programme about the UK recently. There is a loch or body of water which crosses from one side to the other.

Al Diaz said…
I think Scotland is a beautiful country. I just know it from the movies but I would like to go there one day.
Eric Idle is on Twitter? Now that's cool!
I've always wanted to visit Scotland. I'll get there someday.
Donna said…
I do hope to go there someday and dig up some ancestral roots.
Hi Deniz .. I need to visit the northern parts of Scotland .. it is stunningly beautiful ..

Cheers Hilary
Lara said…
I haven't been to Scotland yet, but I'm desperate to go!
S.P. Bowers said…
Hooray for Scottland! We've been to Edinburgh, Glasgow (we didn't stay there long, didn't like it) and we drove around some of the countryside around there and visited a few small towns. So. Much. Fun.
I would love to visit Scotland some day. I plan on doing som reading about it before I go.

Lyre @ Lyre's Musings #atozchallenge
Kristen Dyrr said…
I'd love to visit Scotland!

#atozchallenge, Kristen's blog: kristenhead.blogspot.com
Deniz Bevan said…
I'd love to see the Highlands someday!
I hadn't know that about the dividing lake/river, Jo - will go look it up!

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