S is for Scotland

S is for Scotland. I've only ever visited Edinburgh, but would love to see more of the country!

Here's a tweet I favourited, to remind myself to get this book: ‏@BiblioConnect: "Published today Jan 18th in 1775 Samuel Johnson's A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland. #books #literaryhistory"

Here's Scotland from the International Space Station:

Here's a link from National Trust Scotland: ‏@N_T_S: "Scotland's Stories | Find out about life as a crofter in Scotland's north west highlands"

Sneak peak at Diana Gabaldon's forthcoming Written in My Own Heart's Blood:

And... Here're Eric Idle and Billy Connolly talking about the ballad of Sir Patrick Spens ("'I saw the new moon late yestreen / With the old moon in her arm; / And if we go to sea, master, / I fear we'll come to harm.'"):


I haven't been on Twitter much this month - hope I'm not missing other fun conversations like this!

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