W is for Wartime

W is for Wartime.

I love stories of ordinary heroes during wartime. One oft-forgotten fact is that rationing in England continued long after the end of WWII:

Then there's the poetry:


Sassoon again


A while back the Shropshire Star featured a two part interview with Dame Vera Lynn!

And look - a new digital edition of Anne Frank's diary includes formerly unreleased photos, video footage, and letters. I've always wanted to reread her diary, ever since I found out that the edition we usually read is the heavily edited one, in which her father cut out many of the more bitter and heartfelt passages.

Only three A to Z Challenge posts left!
How are all of you who are participating holding up?


J.L. Murphey said…
I often reread Anne Frank's diary. It keeps me grounded on what faith and hope are.
Rationing continued for many years past the war.
We do well to remember those times, and learn from history. Thanks for the thoughtful post.
Susan Kane said…
Yes, a very thoughtful post.
Kristen Dyrr said…
I'm checking out the link now, thanks for that. Also, I love the idea of using Twitter as a way to post This day in...

#atozchallenge, Kristen's blog: kristenhead.blogspot.com
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks everyone. This post turned out to be well-timed for me, as I just finished reading Simon Tolkien's The King of Diamonds and started reading his Orders From Berlin. I love reading about ordinary people's good deeds, heroic actions, and courage, during war time.
Jo said…
I didn't know her diary was edited. I lived through those years although I was only a baby at the beginning. Hubby remembers them more than I do.

Nick Wilford said…
What an interesting development. I read Anne Frank's diary in school - I guess that was the edited one.
I didn't know that about the original version of Anne Frank's Diary. The version that we all read as kids. I'll have to check out the new digital edition.
I don't know what version of Anne Frank's diary I read--I'll have to check out the link!
Lara said…
Have you ever been to the Imperial War Museum in London? It's fabulous--one of my very favorite museums.
Jocelyn Rish said…
I didn't realize the usual version was heavily edited. It's definitely a book I need to read again now that I'm older and have more perspective.
Hi Deniz .. I remember being able to buy an ice-lolly through/over a stable door in the village on the way home from school - it was a hot summer! I guess that will be confirmed this summer - with the Queen's Coronation 60 years on ..

Thanks re the note about Anne Frank's diary ..

Cheers Hilary
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks for dropping by, all!
Lara - I did, once! But that was already a decade ago, imagine. I'll have to visit again.
Aww, I'd like a lolly right now, Hilary!

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