ROW80 - Edits are Done! Also, Research Library and Photos

Finally have some exciting news on the ROW80 front - I've finished editing Druid's Moon!

Just in time too, as I'm submitting it for the Harlequin eShivers fast track submission call (open till 2 August). All I have to do is fine-tune the cover letter and synopsis and write an epilogue and... Nothing's ever quite complete, is it?

And then, wow. I have a bit of breathing space to decide what-next? I'll share the novella with betas, of course (and hope they like it) but in the meantime...

I do have a short story to finish editing (and add 80 words to!) for another contest. As for a larger project - I've got last year's NaNoWriMo story to start typing up! Yup, I invoked the Luddite clause for that one. Or a brand new idea that's been percolating for some time... Set in Canada just after the Edwardian era.

Any of these are going to involve research. Yay!

Lori Benton, whose novel Burning Sky is out now!, had a post a while ago showing off her historical fiction research library.

Here are some of my books:

As for the research in general...

The short story involved research on the library at Alexandria:

The NaNo story, Captive of the Sea, is set in 15th Century London:

And the new idea... no title yet. I'm calling it Alice and George at the moment, after the main characters. This will be the first time in a long time that I'm writing a novel set in a historical period for which there's not only research but an abundance of contemporary accounts. Fiction, non-fiction, textbooks, newspapers, paintings, catalogues, portraits, photographs, timelines... I'm looking forward to it already!

I think it'll be set at a summerhouse in Muskoka, Ontario.

There will also be birds, kept by the main character's grandmother. I know nothing about birds as pets!

I found this photo of Henry Cavill in a magazine, but don't know who the photographer is and no longer remember which clothing line it was advertising. No matter, to me it looks like George! (before he breaks his leg)

Looky-here: goodies!

Thank you to Amara Royce for this exciting collection celebrating the release of Never Too Late!

What have you been researching lately?

Any exciting new blogs or blog posts you've come across?
(I feel badly visiting only once a week and don't want to miss out on any!)

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