A Different Kind of ROW80 Update: Non-writing Hobbies!

Unusual sort of post today.

I haven't been editing lately due to stuff happening at home (good things, but things that take time), and I'm very far behind in updating the knitting blog!

For this week's ROW80 update, then, I'm cross posting a knitting update from my Simple Scarf blog!

First a quick recap of 2013 in my knitting life:

I was nominated for a Liebster Award in February! As part of the award, I answered eleven questions and, funnily enough, this was the first one:

1. What prompted you to start your blog?
I was trying to keep knitting and cats off my writing blog!

A temporary lapse in format, I suppose!

I also offer the Liebster Award to anyone who'd like to accept it, but I've got eleven questions for you to answer!

Next up, I shared knitting related photos from a visit to the New York Public Library, and then I offered a sneak preview of mini-Alex's Doctor Who scarf!

Inspected by Sam, along with a Christmas scarf that I knit

Here's mini-Alex sporting the scarf during his first concert - a live performance of Rush's YYZ.

Later, in April, I got a booth at the Notre Dame de Grace Artisan's Fair to benefit our local food bank!

Actually, that was a spring for fairs. I attended a beer fest, hosted a charity book fair, and spent a day at that artisans' fair. Here's me at the latter:

Later on in the summer I started a long, complicated blanket, mixing a basic pattern with a leaf pattern from the turn of the century, which I found after Googling Mrs Lynde's apple-leaf patterns, from Anne of Green Gables.


First set of leaves

Nearly there...


There was also a visit to Upper Canada Village, a recreated 19th Century village, with lots of photos. I shared some of my Shetlands visiting dreams...

And another blanket, this one for Christmas!

At the start
Nearly done!

Sam and I had a dispute over who the knitting bag belonged to:

And because he seems to be in all the photos, he's a gratuitous shot of Frodo:

To bring it all back to reading, here's a lovely shot of a crochet Amanda Palmer and a crochet Neil Gaiman, reading a book, a screenshot from Amanda's blog post:

Regular writerly posts to resume next week, with a review of Chicken Soup for the Soul: O Canada, the Wonders of Winter, and a guest spot with Tara Watson!

What are you busy with when not writing or reading?

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