A Different Kind of ROW80 Update: Non-writing Hobbies!

Unusual sort of post today.

I haven't been editing lately due to stuff happening at home (good things, but things that take time), and I'm very far behind in updating the knitting blog!

For this week's ROW80 update, then, I'm cross posting a knitting update from my Simple Scarf blog!

First a quick recap of 2013 in my knitting life:

I was nominated for a Liebster Award in February! As part of the award, I answered eleven questions and, funnily enough, this was the first one:

1. What prompted you to start your blog?
I was trying to keep knitting and cats off my writing blog!

A temporary lapse in format, I suppose!

I also offer the Liebster Award to anyone who'd like to accept it, but I've got eleven questions for you to answer!

Next up, I shared knitting related photos from a visit to the New York Public Library, and then I offered a sneak preview of mini-Alex's Doctor Who scarf!

Inspected by Sam, along with a Christmas scarf that I knit

Here's mini-Alex sporting the scarf during his first concert - a live performance of Rush's YYZ.

Later, in April, I got a booth at the Notre Dame de Grace Artisan's Fair to benefit our local food bank!

Actually, that was a spring for fairs. I attended a beer fest, hosted a charity book fair, and spent a day at that artisans' fair. Here's me at the latter:

Later on in the summer I started a long, complicated blanket, mixing a basic pattern with a leaf pattern from the turn of the century, which I found after Googling Mrs Lynde's apple-leaf patterns, from Anne of Green Gables.


First set of leaves

Nearly there...


There was also a visit to Upper Canada Village, a recreated 19th Century village, with lots of photos. I shared some of my Shetlands visiting dreams...

And another blanket, this one for Christmas!

At the start
Nearly done!

Sam and I had a dispute over who the knitting bag belonged to:

And because he seems to be in all the photos, he's a gratuitous shot of Frodo:

To bring it all back to reading, here's a lovely shot of a crochet Amanda Palmer and a crochet Neil Gaiman, reading a book, a screenshot from Amanda's blog post:

Regular writerly posts to resume next week, with a review of Chicken Soup for the Soul: O Canada, the Wonders of Winter, and a guest spot with Tara Watson!

What are you busy with when not writing or reading?


Sam really likes to help, doesn't he?
And Mini-Alex really appreciated his scarf today. Below freezing all day. In the single digits tonight. It will be cold!
USNessie said…
Since I've been writing more, I've been crocheting less. The fingers can only do one or the other at any given time lol!
M Pax said…
I love that green blanket. It's beautiful. My cats would love it if I took up knitting.
Joe Richardson said…
I've always loved tactile arts--things that are both beautiful and functional. Awesome, that you can sit down and create such things. Even better than you've recruited feline assistance.

And the Neil and Amanda--well that's just too cool for words.

Well done!
Lara Lacombe said…
Beautiful blankets! I'm more of a crocheter myself, but I'm not that advanced--I can do one pattern, and I can only make straight items (scarfs, blankets, etc.) I'm much better at cross-stitch :)
Anonymous said…
I love that leaf pattern. How long did it take you?

And I'm not sure I can even get tired of posts about cats or knitting, so please feel free to share.

Hope you're having a great week! :)
S.P. Bowers said…
Love the leaf blanket! I wonder if I can find a crochet pattern. I used to crochet and quilt a lot, I rarely do it now. Between the kids and trying to write professionally I just don't get to do it much. Also, arthritis has settled into my hands and makes it difficult. Sigh. I hate giving up hobbies.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks Alex! Glad mini-Alex is warm! And i just realised, I meant to add your 2000 follower giveaway to this post. Oops!

That happens to me too, Nessie - I can't seem to work on too much at once.

Thanks, M and Joe!

Thanks, Lara! I'd love to learn to crochet.

Thanks, Denise! Hmm, it's always hard for me to calculate length on projects because I'll work on it for a few days, leave it for a week or so... I think each full row of leaves took me an entire evening after work and dinnertime. It would have been a lot longer but I was using bigger needles!

Good question, Sara. If you're comfortable using charts (I'm not), the link I provided to the pattern has charts for forming the leaves, you could maybe follow them?
I am awed by crafty people. It really is an art to be able to do that sort of stuff like knitting.

When I'm not reading and writing, I am trying to catch up on finding the bottom of my laundry pile!
You're so talented. The Amanda Palmer-Neil Gaiman ones made me laugh. It's nice to see what you're up to besides writing.
klahanie said…
Hey Deniz,

I got that Lobster award once. Or whatever it is. I can understand why you started a blog. Cats and knitting, quite the combination. You have a talent, my friend.

I note a reference to the clone's mini-Alex. Alex has to be a clone. He comments on my site before I publish. Okay, slight exaggeration.

You are very busy with your positive resources. I went to the Comedy Knitting workshop. Had me in stitches....

Gary :)
Anonymous said…
That's awesome. I used to love to knit. I wish I never stopped.
Hi Deniz .. I can't stand wool anywhere near me (in fact many fabrics - which is a nuisance) .. but I love seeing jumpers, dresses etc .. they always look wonderful, but I'm cringing as I look - sad really!

Great to know you've kept your fingers warm during this freezing weather ... the cats look pretty happy though!

Cheers Hilary
Carol Riggs said…
Oh, I LOVE your knitting projects! Great colors, and the leaves are a cool pattern. I haven't knitted for a long time, but my Mom knits and crochets all the time. I love wrapping up in afghans while I read during the winter!

Congrats on the Leibster award! and how cool you had a booth at the Fair. Nice photo of you with your warm fuzzy wares. What I do when I'm not writing or reading? is there such a thing as Not? LOL I do drawings or paintings, working jigsaw puzzles, and raking leaves in the yard. :)
Deniz Bevan said…
You've just reminded me, Elizabeth... Hee hee! Chores are never ending, aren't they?

Aww, thanks Theresa!

Thanks Gary! hey that Comedy Knitting workshop sounds like fun!

Aww, if you lived nearby we could knit together Medeia!

I've knit with 100% cotton yarn too, Hilary!

I forgot about puzzles, Carol! I used to do them all the time with my parents. If I tried to do one now the cats would be all over it...

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