ROW80 Check In and New Releases: Theresa, Tara, and Anne of Green Gables

Belated ROW80 check in - from last week!

(By the way, the honeycomb in that B is for all of you who might be suffering from colds or flu this week.)

So I haven't actually done any editing this past week. I did finally share my vignette with a couple of betas, and am eagerly awaiting feedback. I also hope to participate in the January Exercise on the Forum before the month is out. It's a great one!
"A Moment of Explosive Change

In every life, there are moments where change comes upon us suddenly, unexpectedly, or with a force we could never have predicted. And in fiction, it's change we want to see.

What is explosive change? Anything that has a permanent impact on your character, good or bad. What kinds of things are we talking about? Well, there are break-ups, deaths, unexpected positive pregnancy tests. There are stunning events - terrorist attacks, natural disasters, revolutions - whether we're involved in them directly, or only seeing the world as we know it change from a distance. We fall in love. We fail. We succeed! We have diagnoses, redundancies, accidents, lottery wins... The list goes on.

What we're looking for in January is simple. A 500-word depiction of a moment of explosive change, with no preamble and no concern for what comes after - just that very moment, and how your character lives it."

25 January is the anniversary of Robbie Burns' birthday! Will you be participating in a Burns supper? I don't know any pipers, but I might just wear a kilt and have a wee dram of Lagavulin or The Glenlivet to toast the poet!

Wonder if I could hunt down a proper haggis around here?

Speaking of food, Theresa of Outlander Kitchen has a non-Outlander-related book out!

In other releases, Tara's novella Hands-on Therapy is out now on Kindle and Nook!

You really want this book, trust me. Hot and sweet all at the same time. One of those have-to-read-it-in-one-sitting books, definitely.

And in other book news, the Anne of Green Gables series is getting a makeover!

"Sourcebooks is proud to be the new home of L.M. Montgomery’s beloved novels and will continue to publish gorgeous brand new editions of all her classics throughout March and April.

Bookpage is hosting a contest for the Anne of Green Gables series through 31 January 2014 where all entries will have a chance to win the following:
1 Grand Prize Winner will win 2 Tiffany and Co. sterling silver key pendants
5 Second Place Winners will receive a full set of the Anne of Green Gables series from Sourcebooks Fire (6 books)
10 Third Place Winners will receive a copy of Anne of Green Gables

Visit their website here for a list of official rules. Plus, you can tell us about your experiences and send us the links so we can share them on our social media sites.

What memories do you have about reading Anne of Green Gables?

How did Montgomery's stories inspire you?"

After I clicked through, I realised the contest is only for United States residents! So go forth and enter, and think of me.

I'm trying to remember the first time I read Anne of Green Gables, and failing, mostly because I reread them so often. They always seem just as new and exciting as the last time. Anne was the first to introduce me to the phrase 'kindred spirit' and I've been keeping an eye out for them ever since.

I just realised that if there are only six books in the reprint, that means they're not including Rainbow Valley, Rilla of Ingleside, or The Blythes Are Quoted, which seems like a serious omission, especially to not include Rilla of Ingleside in the centenary year of World War I. But perhaps they'll be included later. I wonder if they'll add the authorised prequel Before Green Gables, written by Canadian MG/YA author Budge Wilson.

Here's my new favourite song of the moment (link added in case the embedding doesn't work):

What songs/albums are you listening to right now?
Which new books did you buy this week?


Happy for Tara and her new release.
And as long as it's not actual fast food, I'd eat that!
Deniz Bevan said…
It's not, Alex! They're really yummy recipes for relatively quick dinners, all made from scratch.
Nas said…
Congratulations to Tara! Thanks for these quick dinners!

M Pax said…
I like easy, fast cooking.

I loved Anne of Green Gables. I still have the copy my grandmother gave me.

Woo hoo for Tara!
So much news here, Deniz! LOVE the new Anne of Green Gables books - except, they're based in PEI, written by a Canadian author, and you can't enter the contest if you're Canadian? *grumbles*

Slow Eats, Fast sounds like my cup of tea. And hoochie mama, that's some cover on Tara's book!!!

Can't help you with haggis, sorry.
I think I only read the first Anne of Green Gables book, but I remember watching the movies. I loved Anne, though I thought she should have been less stubborn and admitted that she'd loved Gilbert all along sooner rather than later.
And thanks for the tip about the explosive change writing prompt! That's a good one!
Sherry Ellis said…
I've always enjoyed Anne of Green Gables. Thanks for sharing about the contest.
Misha Gerrick said…
Dang. I can't enter either. :-(
Crystal Collier said…
Here's where I admit I haven't read Anne of Green Gables. I KNOW, crazy right? I adore the movies and have read circles around them in other classical literature circles. Maybe I should pull these out and read them with my daughter. Hm.
Hi Deniz - thank goodness there's someone else to admit they haven't read Anne of Green Gables ...

However I shall be in London town for Burns night .. I wonder if we'll see many Scots in kilts! We're not eating haggis though ... we have another delight booked .. to be posted on anon!

Cheers Hilary
Unknown said…
I love the Anne of Green Gables cover. I still haven't read the book :/ But I loved the movies growing up. And that sounds like a cool contest. =-)
klahanie said…
Hey Deniz,

How's it goin', eh? Congrats to Tara and I shall now stop staring at the cover. Anne of Green Gables, cannot get more Canadian than that.

To go into my retro Canadian mood. I'm listening to April Wine, Bachman Turner Overdrive and a bit of Chilliwack. And some Beau Dommage.

Have a good weekend, Deniz.

Gary :)
Unknown said…
Congrats to Tara! :)
Anonymous said…
Good for you, getting your stuff to the betas! I'm sure you'll get some helpful insight back.

I like that prompt. Very interesting stuff.

Have a great week!
Anonymous said…
"Explosive change" -- that's a good way to describe those events. Never read the Anne series, but I saw all of the old PBS episodes when I was a kid.
Tara Tyler said…
ooo - that tara writes hot stuff! (i can't bring myself to go there =)

loved the green gables stories. ah, youth!

happy monday!
I fear explosive change. It's those sort of scenarios that give me night sweats. But it is life, unfortunately.

I love Anne of Green Gables, I need to check that out.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks, Nas and M!

I know, too bad, eh, Cathy? How lovely to have a copy from your grandmother!

Thanks for coming by, Neurotic and Sherry!

Yea, it's too bad, Misha :-(

I think reading them together is a great idea, Crystal!
Deniz Bevan said…
Oh, lucky you, Hilary! There was a whisky tasting here on Burns night but it was for charity and tickets were over 300$ a plate! Maybe next year :-)

You know what, Emilyann and Milo, I've never seen the movies! Is that the same as the PBS versions?

Great music, Gary!

Hear hear, Lara!

Hope you had a great week too, Julie!

Aww, she does, Tara but there's sweetness in there too! Wonderful character interaction.

I think I have a hard time raising the stakes for my characters, Elizabeth. I always wonder if they're suffering enough. That sounds horrible, doesn't it?