Dragon's Loyalty Award, Seven Interesting Things, ROW80 Check In

M. J. has given us an award!

A-to-Z Challenge Co-Host M.J. Joachim has awarded all A to Z Challenge Minions, Assistants, and Helpers with the Dragon's Loyalty Award!


1. Display the award and thank the person that nominated you. Thank you, M. J.!

2. Present this award to 15 other bloggers, making sure to link to their blogs, and visit them to let them know you're sharing the award with them. I'm going to fudge this a bit and link to my last week's post below, where I featured all sorts of intriguing bloggers to visit - each one of them gets this award! And so do all the commenters! And Nicole!, who was kind enough to let her minions know about the award.

3. Write seven interesting things about yourself in your blog post when you accept the award. The last time I shared seven random facts, I noted that: "I can knit but I haven't made socks yet. Even Jamie and Ian [from Outlander] can make socks!"

Not only have I knit socks since then, I've even made a pair of kilt hose!

Let's see if I can think of seven new things...

1. I think the best pizza is at Talk of the Town in Glens Falls, NY

2. For a while now I've been volunteering with the Alfred Russel Wallace Correspondence Project

3. In March I'll be participating in the Self Lovin' Blog Hop hosted by Tara! Come join us and tell us all about something that you're good at.

4. I love Twitter. Recently discovered this blog post by Dorky Mum explaining why Twitter is awesome. It's basically an extra room in your house with an ongoing party that you're always invited to.

5. I've only ever played golf once (but I'd like to go again!). I've never gone downhill skiing. I've never jumped off a diving board.

6. Another "only once": I've only ever once gambled at a casino. I lost ten dollars and stopped there. I was more upset by the fact that some stranger wouldn't get off the Wheel of Fortune slot machine I wanted to try!

7. I have this photo saved on my desktop with the title "DO THIS":

Brief ROW80 update - I've chosen which Canadian literary magazine I'd like to submit my vignette to: The Fiddlehead. Apparently their turnaround time for submissions is three to nine months! I do hope I hear back sooner rather than later, because of course if it's rejected, I'd like to continue submitting elsewhere.

What's the longest you've ever waited to hear from a publisher/magazine/agent?

Have you received any interesting awards lately?

Hope everyone's going to be doing A to Z!

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