A is for... Announcement and Arrival

Ais for Announcement -- and Arrival!

Real Life events can now be revealed -- I got a job transfer to Geneva, Switzerland!

Anyone who's ever moved out of one country to another knows how much work this takes. The packing, the sorting, the paperwork, the selling, the storing, the paperwork, the farewells, the final leap into the unknown, the paperwork...

It's still not all complete, of course, but as of a few days ago, we've arrived!

view of the Alps from the plane

view of Place des Alps from our temporary apartment-hotel


Hi Denise .. Amazing, Awesome and just wonderful .. what a lovely announcement to make here ..

ENJOY!! You will and what a great time of year to arrive ...

How fabulous .. I'm looking forward to hearing more snippets and learning about Geneva and your work .. cheers Hilary
stu said…
A big move, good luck.
Congratulations! Wow, that is quite a leap. You're about to take on a new adventure.
Wow, congratulations! I've never been to Switzerland before, but I've heard it's beautiful there. I admire anyone (including you) who can start a new life in a different country.
Have a wonderful time. I know what it is like to move abroad, so enjoy the adventure!
Unknown said…
Holy cow--what a move! Congratulations, and best wishes as you start your new adventure! :)
Oh wow, Deniz, when you do something you do it BIG!!!!!! Best of luck in your new digs. Hope you love it!!!
S.P. Bowers said…
I hope your A-Z has a lot more pics for us!
Congrats on the new job! You could say A is for Alps! When I moved from the U.S. mainland to Hawaii, that was a bit like moving to a different country. I understand what you went through with purging your possessions.

Best of Success in your new job.
Gail visiting for AtoZ
Ellie Garratt said…
Hi Denise. It's been forever since I've visited your blog. The great think about A to Z - catching up with forgotten blogging friends.

Congratulations on your move!

Posting on behalf of Untethered Realms.
martine said…
Good luck with your new adventure, and with the A to Z challenge too.
Anonymous said…
Visiting on the 1st day of the #Challenge. Delighted to find a travel adventure….your move. Hope you can keep us posted in the midst of all you are experiencing. I'll be back. Good luck.
Anonymous said…
Wow, congratulations. An inspiring Arrival to begin A-Z upon!

Great to see you're doing so well, it's been a while.
Whoa, Deniz!

What absolutely huge, alphabet and ocean-spanning news!

May your new adventure bring new joys and fulfillment!

So happy I landed on your A post,so that I could be in on your news!
Leslie S. Rose said…
Wow-wow-wow. Think of the chocolate.
Congrats on the job move! We moved to Ecuador in December, but we're retired. Hope you enjoy your new country as much as we are enjoying ours.

...from a fellow A-Zer
J.L. Campbell said…
Sounds exciting, Deniz. I can only imagine the upheaval.
I hope all these new changes bring you happiness. I'm always impressed when people leave their home country for more than just a vacation. Enjoy your next adventures. I look forward to hearing about them.

Congratulations, Deniz!
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks so much everyone! Today marks two weeks and one day we've been here, and it's still just as exciting as the first day!
Deniz Bevan said…
Chocolates for everyone!