N is for... Nyon, and Being Nicole's Minion (and finally my ROW80 goals!)

N is for Nyon -- and being Nicole's minion!

I'm really enjoying being part of the A to Z Challenge so far! And it's fun being one of Nicole's Mighty Minions, too!

I guess all of us are feeling the pressure to keep up with visits and comments. There are 2107 participants this year! Some of course, once you visit you realise, aren't actually participating; I saw an apology on one blog that said the blogger just couldn't make it after all. So far the best part for me has been discovering blogs outside of the writing and reading circle -- sometimes I forget that people blog on topics other than books (or food and cats)!

Speaking of books, I hadn't had a chance to post my ROW80 goals. I've got two for this round: write an essay for Bizim Anadolu, and do my own version of the NaNoWriMo Writing Marathon! The official marathon was last Saturday, but I'm hoping to do mine on the final Saturday in April. A full day of writing and nothing else! Who's going to join me?

And now, some shots from our day trip to Nyon:

I like the name of this street: Passage des Pirates

Not sure who this fellow is...

Flags! (Why the fish, I wonder?)

The castle square

Other side of the square

Arched entrance

View from the castle, looking towards France

View from the castle


Unknown said…
Great photos! Like you I have enjoyed doing the A-Z challenge (for the most part)! ;) It is hard to keep the momentum. What helps you?
Happy Writing! :)
Vikki T said…
Just stopping by from the A-Z list to say "Hi" and good luck with the rest of the challenge.

Lovely photos xx
Some great pictures. The fish flag represents the official bird. (It's a flying fish.)
And if you believe that...!
That's what I've always liked about the Challenge - finding blogs outside of the norm. Although I don't get to roam and meet as much as I would like.
Hi Deniz .. I haven't been as good as spreading my wings this year .. but it's being fun ..

Love the fish flag though and wonder why too ...

Well - it's the municipal flag of Nyon - c/o Wiki!!!!

Cheers Hilary
CA Heaven said…
I guess the Swiss has plenty of trout and other fish in lakes and rivers. I think they have some navy ships on the Boden See >:)

Cold As Heave
Unknown said…
Very cool pics, especially the castle square! I've enjoyed meeting quite a few new folks, from brilliant artists to the hilarious commentators:) The best part is when you immediately click with someone and know you'll be friends long past April!

Echoes of Olympus
A to Z #TeamDamyanti
Unknown said…
Wait... you're saying there's more to the internet than books and cats? Strange... ;)
Nas said…
Awesome photos. Loved the post, too!

Anonymous said…
Nice photos!

Good luck with both the A to Z and ROW80 challenges. :)
Carol Riggs said…
What cool photos! Love the castle buildings. Good luck with your own writing marathon!! Enjoy your full day of writing and nothing else. Bliss!
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks all!
I love doing the A-Z because of the sense of community. Having a theme definitely makes it easier to post every day.