Lots of Photos! and ROW80 Final

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last couple of posts! I'm coming 'round to visit you all soon.

Real life has been rather hectic which is why... even though it's the end of another Round of Words in 80 Days, I haven't met my goal yet. Still have a few days left in June in which to do so -- I want to take part in the June exercise on the writers' forum.

I can't pretend it's all been real life, though. I spent four days reading, after this happened:

You don't have to have read the first seven (!) Outlander books to enjoy Written in My Own Heart's Blood, and I highly recommend this latest one. It's a brilliant example of seamless storytelling, filled with emotional highs and lows, pathos and humour, and wonderfully involved family relationships. Plus adventure, battles, romance, intrigue and time travel -- and more.

I've got lots of photos today!

Peacock supervises deer at the Geneva botanical gardens
First time I've ever seen European deer!

Flamingoes at the botanical gardens

One of the botanical gardens greenhouses

And inside... cacti!

Geneva music festival

A street in the old town

Place de Neuve during the music festival

Day trip to Lausanne, headquarters of the International Olympic Committee

View of Lausanne rooftops. Lausanne is a very very hilly town.

Intriguing sculpture
We didn't cross the street to read about him, because we'd just climbed our fifth steep city street under a hot sun
34 degrees Celsius!

The best thing to do was stop for lunch -- and we happened to find a Canadian restaurant!

Tour de l'Ale, remnant of the medieval fortifications of Lausanne

English church in Lausanne

Isn't that a lovely door?

Port d'Ouchy in Lausanne
I Googled Ouchy just now, to see where the name comes from, but couldn't find an answer
Instead, I learned that Ouchy was where the First Treaty of Lausanne was signed, concluding the year-long war between Italy and the Ottoman Empire, in 1912!

Back in Geneva... where there are free public pianos set up all over the city

Here's one near the Broken Chair outside the United Nations

Gift from Portugal to Geneva

Hope you've taken some interesting day trips lately, too!


Love the pictures, you look well and happy in your new home. X
Hi Deniz - as Glynis says you do look happy, as too your beautiful animoooool ... who has travelled well. Love the photos ... and story lines ... I'd love to know what the fox is doing though .. please go back and look see!!

Lunch does sound a good idea ... interesting about the Treaty between Turkey and Italy .. while I'm sure the Olympic Museum is worth a look around ...

You're doing lots .. and showing us lots too .. cheers Hilary
Oh forgot to say - went to see the Vikings ... at the British Museum! and Discover the Egyptian Mummies ..

Both very interesting .. H
LOVE those photos of the Lausanne rooftops. What a beautiful town!
Great photos! Is that really a giant chair? Why?
Unknown said…
Awesome pictures! I _still_ haven't gotten my physical copy of MOBY yet, and I refuse to start reading my Kindle until my summer school session is over (5 days of class left!)
Erin Z. said…
Lovely pictures!
Kathy said…
I didn't make my goals for this round either, so you're not alone in that! Hope you enjoy your book and thanks for the beautiful pictures.
Denise Covey said…
Love the pictures, Deniz. I've not been to Lausanne, but to Lucerne. Beautiful too.
I have Paris pictures at my blog this week if you have time to pop by.

I always enjoy the numerous pictures you post, Deniz. Thanks. (BTW, you convinced my son that we NEED to make a trip to Geneva now, so he can play a piano by a water spray.)

Don't fret the goals... you've still got a few days. ;-)
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks all!

The chair's meant to symbolise those injured by mines, I think, Alex.

Ooh, Denise, we're hoping to visit Lucerne soon!

And gosh, Hilary, you always make me long to go back to the UK :-)
Carol Kilgore said…
Absolutely lovely! They must not get much rain to be able to set up pianos outside. I think that's an awesome idea.
Yay Outlander!! I can't wait to dig into this next one :) Wonderful shots--so many fun places!
Click said…
I love that greenhouse. We're got one that's kind of similar where we live.

Looks like a brilliant trip. :-)
I love the picture of the English church in Lausanne and also of that cool intriguing sculpture!
Love the pictures, and the pianos!

Happy to see you integrating yourself to your new home. =)
Trisha said…
No trips lately, unless you count down south of where I live. Did that late last year. Will probably do it again later this year. It's a yearly tradition two of my friends and I try to keep up. :)

Great photos! I was in Switzerland when I was 17, but would love to go back and explore it as a slightly wealthier adult. ha.

I love Gabaldon's books. But I got stuck on book 5. I need to start a re-read sometime. I think next year will be a re-reading year.
Kelly Steel said…
I enjoyed looking at your pictures! Thanks for sharing!
Stephanie Faris said…
Cool...cacti! I don't think I've ever seen one in person. If so, not that many!!!
Anonymous said…
I love being in the ready cave for days.

Great pictures.
debi o'neille said…
Great pictures. Bet you enjoyed taking them!
I love all the photos, but I think the one of the old town street is my favourite. I can picture myself walking down the narrow path. Happy IWSG, Deniz.