Big C Bloghop, Thanksgiving in Geneva, ROW80, and a Song

Happy thanksgiving!

No, it's not a joke. Yesterday was the Jeûne genevois holiday here in Geneva, the fasting day which is a holiday in all of Switzerland but falls on a different day in Geneva.

The tradition began back in the 16th Century, apparently, as a way to show solidarity with the suffering of the Huguenots in France. Wikipedia doesn't say why, and I haven't delved further, but it appears to be a somewhat recent tradition to have plum pie on this day. Sounds yummy to me!

It's interesting to think of all the titbits and trivia I've learned since we first moved here. I wrote a brief article on them all for the Turkish newspaper Bizim Anadolu.

I'm posting early for the Big C Bloghop, hosted by the wonderful Michael di Gesu.

The goal of this bloghop is to compile an anthology to help towards Melissa's treatment. "For this anthology post on Sept 15 a story about cancer. We are trying for comical, uplifting, inspirational... Let's give cancer a big kick in the pants! All posts will be included in the anthology so please edit it as best you can. Thanks All!!!"

I don't have one specific story, just a lot of warm memories of friends and family. It's scary, in a way, how many people we each know that have been and are affected by cancer. I like to say affected instead of afflicted because I try to see something positive in every situation. I'm on my annual reread of The Lord of the Rings and there's a great line by Sam, quoting his father: "Where there's life there's hope...and need of vittles."
Speaking of food reminds me of one specific memory: a great aunt who was diagnosed with cancer the summer of our wedding and told she didn't have much of a chance... She just congratulated us over Skype the other day on our ten-year anniversary!
I hope that was short and sweet. Sending Melissa lots of {{hugs}}

And now for a brief interlude, a song about good times:

I'm excited, too, because I've gotten some steady ROW80 work done, typing a few hundred words per day of last year's NaNo story. I won't think yet about all the editing it'll require... Hope you hop over to Michael's and join in the anthology!


That's awesome your great aunt has beat the odds and is still here!
J.L. Murphey said…
Error on the link. Darn it.
I'll join in on the anthology. If I can get my words straight. I'll start working on it now.
What a lovely little story, and a delightful add-on to your anniversary!

Sounds like you're enjoying Geneva, and things are moving along...

Since I'm deep in my first planned revision, I know what you mean about it being a looongggg road! I thought, at the beginning of the year, that I could do first=pass revisions on three WIPs this year. I'm pretty sure now that I won't complete the first - but I've learned a tremendous amount, the story is vastly better, so far, and I am getting the "in-the-wings" WIPs closer to ready for their turns...

Hope you get to taste some of that plum pie!
Unknown said…
I'm in favor of any holiday that is celebrated with pie! :)
Nick Wilford said…
Fantastic story about your great aunt! I love it when a diagnosis is proved wrong.
Michael Di Gesu said…
Hey, Deniz,

Thanks for the plug and YOUR STORY! GOOD for great Auntie!!!!

I love hearing stories about the many who have beat the odds. I just wish every person, especially the children, would heal and live a wonderful life....

Sometime with hope and many prayers this disease will be a thing of the past.... like polio...


Chrys Fey said…
Cancer does affect everyone. I am happy your aunt is still with us! It shows that no one but God knows when it's our time.
Nicki Elson said…
Ditto on what Chrys said. Never give up!

Happy anniversary...and plum pie Thanksgiving. I live just across the border from Geneva...Illinois. Not nearly as exciting as where you are.
Unknown said…
Ha! I quoted LotR in a Big C Hop comment just a moment ago. Hope, laughter, love--all great weapons in the fight against cancer.
What a wonderful story about your aunt. Good for her!
Congratulations on your 10-year anniversary, Deniz!
Congrats to your great aunt too - for giving cancer a good KICK IN THE PANTS!
Unknown said…
Thank you so much , Deniz! What wonderful inspiration you've shared. Huge Hugs!!
Hi Deniz .. what a lovely post - and I was delighted to see the link to your Turkish newspaper stories ... interesting to read and to know about.

How funny about your aunt .. and ten years' on .. such good news for you both .. and now with more good news ... congratulations - cheers Hilary
This is such a great story! How wonderful that your great aunt is still going strong! Happy belated Thanksgiving, and 10th anniversary!

Deniz Bevan said…
Oh no, is the link broken, Jo?

Thanks and {{hugs}} to all of you!

Nicki, that's funny, sometimes when I'm searching for something on Google maps, Illinois comes up :-)