Wishlist, NaNoWriMo, and You Have To F***king Eat


I shared a wishlist a couple of years ago and, as I've racked up a few items since then, thought I might share one again. I've gotten all the items on my 2012 list except two:

Mugs and coffee from TimPeaks, which was (sort-of) started by Tim Burgess of the Charlatans.

A subscription to the Sunday New York Times. Or even the Telegraph or the Guardian. It costs about 1000 dollars to receive each one in Geneva. Scary.

There's always at least one Tolkien item on my wishlist; this year it's the latest editions of some of his short stories, with new commentary, from the official Tolkien book shop.

A colouring book from artist Pete McKee!

And the last item on my list is a coffee table. Not just any table, though. I need a flat surface that's about the width of a sheet of printer paper, which hovers nearby. Mainly so that when I'm settled with book (or notebook or iPad) and baby, I have a convenient place to rest my coffee mug. Not a nightstand that's two inches too far, or a kitchen table that's at the wrong angle, or a sofa cushion that's too close to the unpredictable cats. Nope, it's got to be a hover-stand, floating patiently by my elbow. Yup, that's all I need.

I got a peek at the forthcoming sequel to Go the F**k To Sleep:

Isn't it funny how so many kids act this way? I wonder what it is about the growth process that makes a person refuse food or hate something they've previously loved? This book captures those conditions with just the same exasperation and salacious language as the first book devoted to the matter of no-sleep.
The illustrations have just the right touch of the familiar yet otherworldly, especially in all the animals that come to life. It would be easier if we were like pandas, and had only one main diet, wouldn't it?
There's a delightful mini-twist at the end of the book that I won't spoil. Recommended for anyone with a fussy eater in the house!

In writing update news (for ROW80), I've almost made it through NaNo -- with about 7500 words to go! I really hope to be earning that winner's certificate in the next couple of days, even though the story itself won't be complete. There are a few scenes I've skipped, many scenes that need fleshing out, and the ending needs to be written.

Hope you're doing well if you're NaNoing!

What's on your wishlist?


Beth Camp said…
Lovely list. I'm definitely looking up "You Have to F**king Sleep" as my daughter just had a baby (now 3 weeks old). Poor little thing can't sleep (reflux issues), so neither can those parents! Congrats on NaNo. I'm getting close too. Having those scenes not quite fleshed out means you can go back and write! Happy thanksgiving! PS I'm thinking my wish list has "time" and "energy" on it. :)
Hi Deniz .. great list of wishes - and you're lucky you've had most of them .. I think you probably deserve your newspaper sub ... having giving your beloved hubby Emily!! You'll need something to read ... won't you!! - well Emily will ...

Well done on NaNo or almost .. good for you .. you're always doing lots ... cheers Hilary
David P. King said…
That books sounds hilarious! About to search for both of those. :)
Chrys Fey said…
Those books looks funny! I'm going to have to look into them. Thanks for sharing!

My Wish List is quite long. Right now #1 is a new laptop.
Anonymous said…
Nice wish list. My wishes are simple--a good book and a hot cup of tea and I'm satisfied. A massage certificate would be nice, though. :)

Good luck with NaNo. You're close!
Beverley Baird said…
Great list! All the best for finishing NaNoWriMo!
DMS said…
Fun wish list! I didn't realize there was a sequel to the sleep book. Sounds like a great topic (eating).

Congrats on the NaNo work! Sounds like you are in the home stretch. Good luck!
S.P. Bowers said…
Hope you finished NaNo! And congrats, because I'm sure you did.
Trisha F said…
Awww, darn - no NaNo outcome yet! I'm sure you won, but want to see it announced. :D
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks everyone!
Still haven't gotten that Tim Peaks coffee...maybe I'll make it a depth-of-winter purchase :-)

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