Another Year-end Review

Year-end review, this time of my knitting projects!

Now this is sad. Looking back, I see that without counting the A to Z Challenge, I posted only three times on my neglected knitting blog (Now I'm 26 posts away from 200 overall).

The first was a recap of my knitting in 2013, the second was a happy announcement, and the third featured gifts and an update.

Happily, however, this does not mean I neglected the hobby itself! I completed two baby blankets and started work on two Outlander-inspired projects, one of which I finished last week! I haven't uploaded my photo yet - mine's in black and pink - but this is sort of what it looks like, though much thicker:

I looked at two patterns, the gathering and the sassenach, before deciding that I knit too tightly for such patterns. I did a 2*2 rib on circular needles, which made for a very cosy cowl.

I've already started another, along with a sweater for myself!

It's been a while since I shared famous people who knit, or literary references to knitting. I still collect them! I came across this one a while ago on Twitter:

Knitting Tim Burgess of The Charlatans (who have a new album out!)

Speaking of projects, I haven't moved ahead on my A Round of Words in 80 Days goals. That's what happens when you bring home office work on the weekend... But I'll take this opportunity to list my main knitting and other hobby goals for the year:

1. Finish knitting three more cowls
2. Think about buying expensive wool to make, slowly, methodically, and properly, a gorgeous design by Kate Davies
3. Organise all our photos and print a few, especially for our grandparents
4. Bake more!

Which hobbies are you focusing on this year?

Please share your favourite baking recipes!


Hopping over from the IWSG. Nice knitting and banana bread if wafting from the oven while I write.
I have a good friend who loves knitting :) she says it's very relaxing.
dolorah said…
Sometimes I think writing is just another hobby for me. I am hoping chill out with some jig saw puzzles though. Provided the cat doesn't make off with any of the pieces.
Ann Best said…
It's lovely seeing you again, Deniz. Thanks for coming over to my "new" (actually refurbished) blog and saying hi. It does look like you're doing great both with writing and with your knitting hobby. I'm impressed. I once tried to knit, many many years ago, when I had two very small girls and couldn't concentrate on reading or writing. But I never produced anything as elegant as what you're doing. Hope you continue to have a productive February....
Lara Lacombe said…
Congrats on keeping up with the knitting! I love the pieces from Outlander!
Denise Covey said…
Hi Deniz. Nice 'down home' goals. I wish you well with your knitting goals. And I'm with you on the baking. My latest crush is on Portugese Custard Tarts. Ever since being in Portugal last year and getting thoroughly hooked on these little treats, I've been trying all sorts of recipes for them. They're all good. Now I must get off the blogs and go make some!

Wouldn't it be nice to organise the photos? My husband has gathered all our travel photos onto one computer instead of 3. I forget how many he had at last count. I only hope he's filed them well.

Have a great week.

Denise :-)
Zan Marie said…
I love your knitting! Thanks for dropping by my blog on Blitz Day!
Arlee Bird said…
So if you sign up that knitting blog for A to Z then you'll have your 200 posts! And there are other knitting blogs that participate as well.

The only hobby that I guess I'm focusing on so far is blogging. I guess I can call that a hobby.

Arlee Bird
A to Z Challenge Co-host
Tossing It Out
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks for your lovely comments, everyone!
You're right Arlee - I hope I can make it through this year's A to Z...

Denise, I love those tarts. They have them all over the place in Geneva! Never thought of making them myself though, I must try it!

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