D is for Dickens

D is for Dickens!

For this year's A to Z I'm featuring books I've read based on the Reading Challenge.

Today's book is one you can finish in a day:

The Chimes: A Goblin Story of Some Bells that Rang an Old Year Out and a New Year In by Charles Dickens

I know I can finish this one in a day, actually less than a day, because that's exactly what I did. One day, eons ago when I had more time (so far back that I was still living with my parents!), I was reorganizing my bookshelves (one of those things you do when you have oodles of time, before life happens), and I came across a palm-sized hardcover I'd picked up at a book fair: The Chimes. I read the first page, got suckered into the story, and sat on the floor and read the entire book.

Apparently it's part of his series of Christmas tales, along with A Christmas Carol, The Cricket on the Hearth, The Battle of Life, and The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain.

The Chimes is available on Gutenberg! As are the others. Maybe this year I'll read the full Christmas set.

The only other book I've finished in one day was It by Stephen King. I had to finish it because I couldn't go to sleep without finding out if everyone was okay at the end!

Which books have you read in one sitting?


J.L. Campbell said…
Hi, Deniz,

I read a lot of Dickens when I was in high school, but haven't read any since. :(
Beverley Baird said…
Grea choice for D. I've never heard of this story.
Chrys Fey said…
I have a collection of Dickens' stories. The Chimes is in it but I haven't read it yet. I'll have to now!
I'll have to pick it up then.
Organizing book shelves. Yeah, who has time for that now?
Li said…
Wow, I'm excited! I haven't read that one! :)
I haven't read a book in one sitting for years - I seldom have more than 2 or 3 hours available, and I can't pull all-nighters any more.
The last book I remember zipping through was Hemingway's "A Moveable Feast". It's around 200 pages and is a memoir of his years in Paris in the 1920s.
Lilly Faye said…
Just visiting from The Shark's blog. I wanted to stop by, wave a paw, and say hello, Deniz. You have a very attractive blog. I love your use of color!

Best of luck with your A to Z challenge.

Lilly Faye Poodle
A Poodle Looks at Life dot blogspot dot com
Anonymous said…
OMG, I haven't finished a book in one sitting in FOREVER. One book I finished pretty quick recently is DESCENT by Tim Johnston. Anyway, just dropping in from QOTKU's blog!
S.P. Bowers said…
I can't wait until we finish moving and I can organize my book shelves. It's so disturbing to look at my pretties and see biographies mixed with YA, mixed with russian or french. books by the same author aren't even next to each other! So frustrating.
Hi Deniz - fascinating to see the book is on Gutenberg - it's fun to find those things we are seeking ..

D is definitely for Dickens - cheers Hilary
Hi Deniz, hopping over from the Shark's blog. I just finished "You Deserve Nothing" in less than 48 hours. A bit of life got in the way or I would have finished it sooner.
Deniz Bevan said…
Here's to more idle bookshelf-organising and reading time for all of us!
Now I feel like rereading A Moveable Feast, especially since we might visit Paris this year...

Looking forward to vositng all the new-to-me bloggers from the Shark's blog!
alberta ross said…
wanted to comment more but my visitor has just emerged from bedroom so must go be good hostess - but i do like tour a-z :)
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks Alberta!

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