Happy Canada Day and IWSG Day!

Happy Canada Day!

The above image is from the Activity Village colouring pages site.

Round Three of A Round of Words in 80 Days begins on Monday. And I just realised that CampNaNo officially opens today!

Luckily, I'd kept my goal for CampNaNo vague: I'd like to explore the story of Brother Arcturus, a secondary character in Out of the Water.

My other goals for ROW80 are to keep up with blogging and commenting, transcribing the Alfred Russel Wallace letters, editing my new short story "One to Another", and beta and review reading.

Today is also Insecure Writer's Support Group Day!

In line with the fact that I haven't written any words for CampNaNo yet and still use phrases like "keep up" with my goals, my theme for today's IWSG day post is: Let go of guilt!

Instead of feeling guilty for items we think we've missed or tasks we haven't accomplished (yet!), why not celebrate all that has gotten done?

Those Wallace transcriptions, for instance, won't end for a long time. I should celebrate the fact that I manage to submit one batch after another, instead of feeling guilty for some reason that I'm not whipping them out at lightning speed.

I should quit bemoaning the fact that I haven't edited one or the other of my novels in many weeks, and celebrate the fact that I've completed a short story!

Once you start looking, there are lots of positives to celebrate.

And just in time, there's a T-shirt for it, too!

Yes, it's the IWSG T-shirt! I can't wait to order mine.

Here's the full list of IWSG participants, and thank you to this month's co-hosts:

Happy Fourth of July, too!

What will you celebrate this month?


Crystal Collier said…
Ah, fireworks... Can't wait to spend the weekend with the family watching the sky explode.

I think we love fireworks because they're a reminder of letting things go and daring to be brilliant and stunning.
Diane Burton said…
I enjoy fireworks as long as they aren't going on next door at 2am. LOL I'm celebrating finishing one book and, while it's off with the editor, working on a new one.

Happy Canada Day and Happy Fourth of July!

Diane IWSG #99
Great attitude! And whatever you miss, it will be all right.
Good luck with Camp NaNo.
Tanya Miranda said…
You should join the Celebrate The Small Things blog hop. Every friday, look back upon your week and count the blessings. When you do, you feel like those things you missed aren't so bad. It's helped keep me motivate and I can let go of the guilt.

Good luck with Camp NaNoWriMo!

Tanya Miranda - Writer, Dreamer, Intergalactic Superhero
dolorah said…
Happy Canada day :) Good luck with camp Nano.
S.P. Bowers said…
Yes! let go of the guilt! That's what we need.

Happy Canada day!
dolorah said…
Guilt at not meeting goals can really weigh a writer down. I suffer that occasionally; but then get over it and create a new set of goals to fail at, lol. What a cycle :)
Let go of guilt! But sometimes it's SO HARD to let go.
Thanks for the reminder.
Good luck with Camp NaNo!
Nas said…
Happy Canada Day!

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