Photo Interlude and An Unidentified Object

Progress...not so much. I've got bloggers to catch up with, three book reviews to write, a short story to edit, and more words of the new story to draft to meet my minimum goal for CampNaNoWriMo.

But we've been playing tourist again... A few random shots:

Alpine Horn concert!
Stained glass at the Ariana Museum
View from a window at Ariana
Swiss images: William Tell, and the Geneva coat of arms
Swiss alpine flora
A pub sign
The layout of Geneva in the 19th century
View from the Maison Tavel, oldest house in Geneva
A crib!
Kakelorum, a child's toy from the 19th century
More coats of arms

The kakelorum is intriguing. It seems to be specific to the Swiss and Austrian alpine regions.

What other ancient toys have you come across in museums or in research?
In a related note, can you help identify this item in Bardstown, Kentucky?

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