Latest Release by T. L. Watson! And Scalzi and Discovering Authors on Twitter

Fly-by post!

Funny how last week I was too busy with real life to do some editing, but managed to keep up with other stuff, while this week I was busy, but actually got some edits done (inching closer to submitting that short story to Surrey! Deadline is September 18th!).

I'm getting used to a new commute, which gives me marginally more reading time, which is always nice. Currently recommending this new release to everyone:

Going Back by T. L. Watson

"After the meltdown of her marriage, Jessica Pierce is ready to get on with her new life. She moves to Pax Island, where she spent carefree childhood summers, in hopes of creating some waves in her flat existence. Kissing a mysterious stranger before speaking to him adds a nice ripple. Falling into bed with the guy before knowing his name is closer to a tsunami.
There's something so familiar about the man, even after she learns his unfamiliar name. He makes her comfortable in her own skin. He makes her laugh. He makes her feel.
But these new feelings rouse old nightmares. And the nightmares reveal memories of a boy with Teegan's face and a different name, in a past Jessica wishes she hadn't buried so deep."

I love this book for many reasons -- the characters' well-developed backstories, the smooth banter between Jessica and her best friend Dani, the steamy bedroom scenes (this is definitely a mature content book!) -- but the main aspect that drew me right in was the atmosphere. There's something so magical and ethereal about this story. Maybe it's the fact that it involves memory and a gradual revealing of past events, or maybe it's the beach setting, or both together.

There's a definite mood there, and the writer part of me wants to analyse it so I can figure out how all the story elements came together to create that effect -- yet the reader part of me wants to leave well enough alone. That part hopes for more stories in the same setting! Maybe Dani's story will come next...

I've also been reading John Scalzi's latest, The End of All Things, which starts with the story of a brain in a box.

If you'd like to know how a brain in a box held by his enemies attempts to outwit them and escape, and then continue to three other novellas combining action and philosophy in a seamless blend, I definitely recommend this book.

But if you haven't yet read it, start with Old Man's War, the first book in this series. I may have mentioned before that Scalzi was the first unkown-to-me author I discovered through being on Twitter; I was intrigued enough to read his books purely by what I'd read on Twitter and on his blog. Twitter's been fun for a lot of things, but with my teetering To Read pile being as high as it is, I hadn't expected that to happen!

Have you ever discovered an author purely through social media?


Glad you got some edits done.
Brain in a box. Interesting.
sage said…
Do you ever listen to audiobooks in your travels? Watson's story is intriguing.
Zan Marie said…
I agree wholeheartedly on T L. Watson's latest! Wonderful read!
S.P. Bowers said…
Yes, I have discovered an author through social media. More than one. The one that comes to mind is Deanna Raybourn.
Hi Deniz - no I haven't discovered an author via social media - yet all the blog posts and ideas that way come to the fore. Scalzi's stories sound totally fascinating and that blend: action and philosophy sounds like an excellent combination. Also the Watson's story ... both authors obviously worth remembering. Glad you've got slightly longer to read as you travel in to work .. and now enjoy the coming weekend - cheers Hilary
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks everyone!
Ooh, you're right, Deanna Reybourn. I haven't read her yet, but she's on my wishlist!
Funny, we haven't tried audiobooks on the train or in the car. I think I would listen to them at home, if I was knitting at the same time, but I tend to miss things if I'm not actually looking at the page...
Nas said…
I always discover new authors via social media.
T L. Watson's sound a wonderful read!
SA Larsenッ said…
Best of luck with your short story! I'm sure it's awesome!
Deniz Bevan said…
Thank you both for dropping by!

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