IWSG Day! And Audrey Hepburn in Switzerland

Third installment of the villages in Vaud photos (scroll down for the first two installments).

Today's feature is the tiny hamlet of Tolochenaz, where Audrey Hepburn lived for 30 years!

Place Audrey Hepburn
With the lady
Looking up the road to...
...Audrey Hepburn's house
The front of the house
The road leading back to the square
The church where her funeral was held
View from the cemetery
Reading about Audrey Hepburn's life in the village

NaNoWriMo has started!

I'm drafting a new story, because that's the easiest to fit in with my current schedules. But I'm trying something new -- drafting directly onto the screen, instead of using pen and paper. It makes marginal notes and scribbles difficult, but will save me having to type it up later (I used to edit as I typed up a story but haven't had time for that lately, and typing without adding to the story or making changes becomes mere rote work).

Today is also Insecure Writer's Support Group Day!

Based on what I'm doing for NaNo, my tip for IWSG Day is to not be bound by rules if they don't fit your working style! Feel free to go outside the boundaries. Switch things up if patterns are becoming stale!

Are you writing for NaNo or outside of NaNo or mixing up a NaNo project with other projects?

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