The Descent of the Cows, and ROW80

For the final installment of the village photos (scroll down to visit Tolochenaz, Rolle, and Morges), I'm featuring St Cergue, up in the Jura mountains, and the descent of the cows!

The yearly desalpe is the descent of the cows from their summer pastures to their winter pastures. The cows are decorated for the event, and there are also lots and lots of very loud bells...

Off to see the cows!
Hmm, these loud bells are less than impressive...
Flags of Switzerland and the canton of Vaud
View from a hill
Haze over Lac Leman

The event is very evocative, as it's a tradition that goes back many hundreds of years. It's lovely to imagine the fathers and grandfathers and many times great-grandfathers of the farmers bringing down the cows every year, from one year to the next. And the grandmothers too! Both men and women farmers were present. I'd love to sit around a farmhouse kitchen, helping to create the decorative wreaths and crowns for the cows.

We came down the mountain afterwards to our own village:

Today is Remembrance Day; the side of the town hall features a mural commemorating the soldiers from the village who fought in WWI and WWII

 Path through the vineyards

Which traditions do you celebrate where you live?

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