Writing Inspiration for NaNoWriMo and ROW80

The first two weeks of National Novel Writing Month have gone by and I'm... halfway there but starting to lag behind.

If I lose even one day of writing, all momentum falls by the wayside. I had a really good first couple of days, and those have kept me afloat on drier days (I shouldn't obsess over stats, but I can't help but feel better if my daily average is higher than the bare minimum).

I've had fun tweeting some inspirational moments -- and had fun again just now putting them into Storify, which is wonderfully easy to use. Please scroll down if you'd like to start chronologically (and I see it's been divided into two pages as well -- skip to the photos if you'd prefer!).

Hope everyone's having a good week!

We just got back from a short vacation, so I hope to share more photos as soon as I get them organized, and have some book blog tour items coming up. Also, it's my birthday tomorrow *grin*

Happy birthday fellow Novemberites!


Crystal Collier said…
Hey, happy birthday! Man. NaNo is brutal. I applaud anyone who can do it.
Laurel Garver said…
Hope you have a fabulous birthday, Deniz! I agree with Crystal--I'm always in awe of those who dive into NaNo. I've not yet been at the right place in my process to be starting anything new November 1, though I am playing with a new novella idea starting this week, a little too late for seriously getting into the NaNo groove.

Wishing you good creative flow for what remains of November.
Have a great birthday!
I like the one with the Boom Bar bottle.
Just keep writing. It's not over yet.
Happy Birthday! I hope that your birthday is a good one and that you have fun. Also, I like your Tweets about Nanowrimo, especially the one about inventing something that turns out to be real. Technically the invisibility cloak has already been "invented" in fiction, but I wish it was real; then I could use it when I want to hide from certain people. :)
USNessie said…
I know what you mean about missing a day and losing momentum. It's like biking uphill... it doesn't matter whether you stop for a moment or an hour; once you've stopped at all, it takes a lot of strength to get going again.
I didn't start my first NaNo until my children were 8 and 5 years old. I barely made it to 50K, but I made it.

I love that you're loving your story. Whether you make the 50K or not, that makes you a winner, in my book! =)
Happy Birthday!! Your story sounds really cool - I like the Tweets, too. Best of luck with NaNo. I wish you lots of fun words! :)
Hi Denise - Storify looks interesting ... it's keeping all the connective dots together, but you seem to somehow! Have a very happy birthday - now it's today ... I guess it'll be the weekend ... big Cornish hugs - Hilary
sage said…
It is amazing that people have so much time this month to write... maybe when I retire! I'll be interested in hearing what you create!
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks for the well wishes, all!
NaNo became a lot more difficult as the month went on, but I made it! Although the story itself isn't finished yet...