I is for Infrequent Visitors (A to Z on Tolkien and the Inklings)

I is for infrequent visitors to Inklings meetings. Such visitors included Percy Bates, Charles Leslie Wrenn, Colin Hardie, James Dundas-Grant, John David Arnett, Jon Fromke, John Wain, R. B. McCallum, and Gervase Mathew.

Among other names, in rereading Humphrey Carpenter's biography, I rediscovered the fact that the poet John Betjeman and C. S. Lewis did not get along...

"'Betjeman and Valentin came for Old English,' Lewis wrote in his diary. 'Betjeman appeared in a pair of eccentric bedroom slippers and said he hoped I didn't mind them as he had a blister. He seemed so pleased with himself that I couldn't help saying that I should mind them very much myself but that I had no objection to his wearing them -- a view which I believe surprised him. Both had been very idle over the O. E. and I told them it wouldn't do.'"

This reminds me of a story my great-aunt used to tell, of how she once (in the 1960s) sent a student home because the girl had dared show up with her hair still wet from a shower...

Recalcitrant students aside, here's some more spring in the village!

I've asked about teachers before, but what about students -- have you ever done something silly or rebellious as a student?

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