T is for the History of Middle-earth and Tolkien's son Christopher (A to Z on Tolkien and the Inklings)

T is for Christopher Tolkien,Tolkien's youngest son and, later, editor and publisher of many posthumous works, plus the 12-volume History of Middle-Earth series.

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There is a LOT of Tolkien we'd never have seen, if not for the tireless efforts of Christopher!

Christopher Tolkien talks about his father:

Christopher Tolkien talks about his father and languages:

Christopher Tolkien talks about The Silmarillion:

Christopher Tolkien read the end of The Lord of the Rings:

I like this entry from C. S. Lewis's brother's diary in 1946 (quoted in Humphrey Carpenter's The Inklings):

"'An exquisitely lovely spring day. [To] the Bird and Baby as usual in the morning, where I had started on my second pint before J [C. S. Lewis] arrive. When Humbhrey [Harvard] came, he suggested an adjournement to the Trout at Godstow; which, picking up Christopher Tolkien on the way, we did, and there drank beer in the sunlight. The beauty of the whole scene was almost theatrical, and that notrhing might be lacking to show off the warm grey of the old inn, there was a pair of peacocks.'"

Peacock in the Geneva Botanical Gardens

Doesn't that sound an idyllic afternoon?

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