X is for X Marks the Spot (A to Z on Tolkien and the Inklings)

X is for X marks the spot!

Not strictly Inklings-related, but a recap of some Tolkien travel-related places I've visited, in Switzerland, England, and Italy.

Lauterbrunnen is widely thought to be the inspiration for Rivendell.
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A very Shire-like place.
Can you see me in the tree?
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Bookstore with books in a gondola...and a gondola gliding by!
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Speaking of books, here's what I got at the Library in English book sale!

And just a couple of days ago at a lunchtime book sale hosted by the staff association of the World Meterological Organization:

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Two posts to go in the challenge! How's everyone doing?


Hi Deniz - that tree is definitely a goodly hiding place .. and such a fun looking tree - it lives on ... while your books - gosh how fortunate you have access to these sorts of books - without searching for them.

Your visits to Tolkien's areas of delight ... are lovely to see and so good you've been able to get to see them ... cheers Hilary
sage said…
I think I am ready for the A-Z challenge to be over! It has been fun and I've learned but trying to have a new post every day is getting old--besides there have been other things I've wanted to write about. I appreciate learning more about the Inklings. Thanks.
Helen R-S said…
Looks like a great haul of books! I think the only "trouble" with getting so many books all at once is trying to decide which one to read first :-)
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks all! It *is* nice to have reached the end of the A to Z -- it's fun to look back!