How Has Your Writing Changed Over the Years? Part II and Richard Thompson

How has your writing changed over the years?

I stumbled across this older blog post, and I'm going to repost part of it here:

Deniz, Age 5: A story about a cow, which went something like this: "Where was All? He did not know where All was. Aldo could not find All the cow. He searched and searched. He went up with a jet and All was with the moon."

Deniz, Age 10: The Kitchen Mystery

Deniz, Age 15: Trying too hard to be an adult, I started a story about two handcuffed convicts and a sheriff travelling through the California desert. Never mind the two long romances I had, featuring scenes like the one where the hero and heroine have a food fight... at the supermarket...

Deniz, Age 20: Depressing stories about girls going out at night and failed relationships. I had a lovely one-page story called Eyes of the Sky but can't for the life of me find an electronic copy at the moment. This was the tail end of the thesaurus era, where I'd write a line like "the red sun sank into the dark blue sea" and then translate it into: "The crimson orb was lowered beneath the indigo billows" (blogged about here).

Deniz, Age 25: A lot of 'tell' and barely enough 'show' in my half-finished novel An Arnavutkoy Spring. Not to mention that I did no research whatsoever; for a story set in Istanbul in the 1910s I had hairdos from the 60s, clothing from the 50s and language from the 80s. I even threw in a reference to The Beatles! Come to think of it, perhaps I meant it to be set in the 60s after all. Only what does this line mean: "He eyed her easily, but without malice"?

Deniz, Age 30: A snip from Out of the Water, featuring Rosa, a Spanish girl and her lover, an Ottoman man, who's ill with consumption. On one of his better days, they've taken a walk above the neighbourhood of Galata, in Constantinople, 1493.

Deniz, Age 35+: Various samples under the Shared Writing Snips tab.

I hope I've improved, anyway. As part of ROW80 this round I'm trying something I've rarely done before, writing from a villain's point of view.

More music, after last week's three songs:

Amanda Palmer has a new song out, a cover of Richard Thompson's 1952 Vincent Black Lightning:

This reminded me of another Richard Thompson cover I like, REM's version of Wall of Death:

Are there topics that you used to write about but have since let be? 
Points of view that you're trying for the first time?
How has your writing changed over the years?

And which cover songs do you really like? 

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