Oxford! Part I and Knitting

Two posts for all our Oxford photos, of a weekend away last month. I've saved all the Tolkien-related stuff for next week. Although, of course, most things in Oxford are Tolkien-related, by definition...

Also got some knitting photos for my ongoing Knitting in the Wild series... I'm a few rows away from completing a blanket for a cousin's baby -- it's nice to finish off an ROW80 round with at least one goal completed, even if it's not writing related!

Outside Christ Church college

Knitting shop!

Really yummy homemade ice cream

An ox for Oxford, outside the train station

St Giles Church neighbourhood. Apparently there's a labyrinth on the grounds -- I'd like to explore it some day!

I hadn't realised Oxford boasted coffee shops from the 17th century!

Blackwell's Bookshop -- I shared an anecdote that took place in this shop, during my A to Z on the Inklings

Radcliffe Camera

Bodleian Library grounds

The living cell was first identified in a house on this site

The Einstein blackboard!

Keble College grounds

Keble College chapel

Keble College -- we stayed here! Leving the Hall, after breakfast...

I hadn't known before that the original of this painting, The Light of the World by William Holman Hunt, is in the Keble College chapel!

More photos from Keble

Mind the gap!

Atmospheric train photo...

Images from the Ashmolean history of science exhibit, including Lewis Carroll's camera. The Oxford English Dictionary was in this building back when Tolkien was on the staff of the dictionary

Baby blanket!
I've done two more bands of colour since this photo was taken. Only one left to go!

And here's some Knitting in the Wild:

Girl in a Field Knitting by Hans Dahl, 1879

Saw this quote from Moontide by Mercedes Lackey on Twitter

Marge Simpson knitting!

Knitting in Paris, 1951

Hope you've enjoyed all these photos!

Are you planning any trips this summer?


Hi Deniz - wonderful memories ... and you saw such a lot - so much fun spending time in Keble ... I'll have to look back to your A-Z post re Blackwells. I wrote a post or two about the discovery of how important Robert Hooke was ... they found some papers lost in a cupboard for 350 years ... fascinating discovery.

Takes me back all those photos .. cheers Hilary
Nicola said…
Fabulous pictures. I do love Oxford. Haven't been there in a few years though. Your knitting is coming along beautifully and I adore the colours you've chosen. Have a lovely week and thank you for sharing.
Crystal Collier said…
LOVED the name of that knitting shop. Super awesome adventure. I love visiting vicariously through your photos.
Great shots. Radcliffe Camera was really cool, wasn't it? I was there many years ago and remember the great view.
S.P. Bowers said…
One of my favorite knitting quotes is from Little women when Jo says something along the lines of 'We'll teach you to knit like all the Scotsmen do.' It made me think of Jamie and wee Ian.
Unknown said…
Beautiful photos, and that blanket is gorgeous. I wish I could knit. I tried to learn back in high school, but other interests stole my attention, and now I'm just too busy. Maybe one day soon I can start again and learn.

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing. And I love the munchkin photo bombs!
sage said…
Your little one looked as if she was enjoying herself. I didn't know there was a St. Giles in Oxford. There is the famous one in Edinburgh and I named my boat after it (the boat I just gave away).
Nas said…
Awesome Deniz! Loved all the photos. And Knitting Store! I would get stuck in there for ever...though due to the eyesight I'm not doing much now.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks everyone!

Ooh, Hilary, that sounds like an intriguing discovery.

Love the building, Alex. I always think of Tolkien's The Notion Club Papers when I visit it.

Ooh, Sara, it doesn't seem possible but I don't remember that line at all. Must reread Little Women again :-)

Now I wish I lived near you, sage -- I wish we had a boat! I know nothing about boating, of course, but have been on my uncle's sailboat and motor boat a few times and it was, without hyperbole, the most fun ever.